That Escalated Quickly…[Wilderness Roaming]


This past weekend I went on one helluva an adventure. I knew it would be an interesting trip for a multitude of reasons but I had no idea just how much I’d learn about myself and others when I started out on what was supposed to be an 10-ish hour wilderness trek around the frontcountry/slackcountry just southwest of Denver. Luckily the first 10 hours of the day were everything I expected…it wasn’t until after the sunset that reality started beating me over the head with one lesson after another. I will probably share those lessons later, for now let’s focus on the fun that comes with a day of bushwhacking in the mountains! The true beauty of mountain roads? There’s … Continue reading

Taking the Long Way [Uncle Bud’s Hut Trip]


What do you do when your immune system gives into a weird bout of the stomach flu and cancels your weekend yurt trip? You watch a lot of movies in the comfort of your own home and reschedule that yurt trip with a hut trip a few weeks later. Or, at least, that’s what I do! I spent this past weekend at Uncle Bud’s Hut doing my best to make up for the weekend my body vetoed in mid-March. Along the way I learned a thing or two about taking the long way and making the most of the situation you’re in… …if you’re going to get “lost” on the “wrong” trail take Robb + Jeremy with you. While they … Continue reading

The 31 Reasons You Can Achieve Your Dreams


If you’ve been on Facebook in the past two weeks and have a friend list anything like mine you’ve probably seen this post about The Only 31 Things Standing Between You and Your Dreams shared about 18 times. It’s a rather sarcastic, yet scarily accurate list of all the reasons you are where you are…rather than out living your dreams, whatever they may be. It has been a tab on my browser for over a week and I’ve read through it multiple times. Yes, every single thing on that list is an excellent excuse to keep your dreams as dreams, not reality. However, every single thing is also a fantastic reason to take a leap of faith and chase after … Continue reading

Westminster Trail 10K [recap]


Alternate Title: Never Take Your Training Too Literally I ran a race on Sunday. As in, I actually raced a race with a time goal in mind and a PR staring at me. I knew going in I had slim-to-no chance of beating my PR but that doesn’t mean I didn’t look up my PR time + pace, just in case! While I wasn’t officially gunning for my PR I was toeing the start line of the ERS Westminster Trail 10K with the goal of testing out my speed. I wanted to run hard from the get go and see what I could talk my body into surviving. It was a gamble, but if I’ve learned anything about running in … Continue reading



Shabammy…it’s spring! There are flowers blooming in front of my bedroom window but still ice on my car windows in the morning. Yup, definitely spring here on the Colorado Front Range. It has been a crazy busy start to 2015 and it feels weird to think we’ve already hit April! I’ve had a full year’s worth of excitement jammed into just three months and there is no slowing down! This blog has been full of stories + photos from the adventures I’ve been on so far this year – Summit County, Moab and South America – but what’s been happening closer to home and what exciting things are happening in the near future? Without further adieu… …I am happy. It … Continue reading