I survived! With a smile! [#RRR100]

On Friday morning I started the longest run of my life – the Run, Rabbit, Run 100 in Steamboat Springs.
On Saturday evening I finished the race still running with a big ol’ goofy grin on my face.

Mission accomplished.

I walked away from the race a smarter runner. I played it safe from the start. I was hyperaware of my body and addressed niggles as the popped up, not hours later. I ate consistently and consciously, without puking. I kept moving forward with purpose. I ran across the finish line.

Run Rabbit Run 100 StartRun Rabbit Run 100 Start
At the start and less than a mile into a 4,000 foot climb = smiles of denial!

I am incredibly happy with how the race went, from start to finish. I finished happy and I can take on a flight of stairs without whimpering. My body is going to need some legitimate recovery time but that’s to be expected and it’s a great excuse to go right back to my version of RICE’ing.

None of this would have been possible without my crew. And I don’t say that as someone trying to ego stroke friends – I very seriously mean my race would have been much, much more challenging without the incredibly supportive crew/pacers I had rooting for me at each aid station. Having someone else there to think for you is a blessing, a time saver and a motivator. If you ever run an ultra that allows crews/pacers, talk friends into helping or accept the generosity of complete strangers. And if you’re racing in Colorado and need help I know a girl…talk to me.

Run Rabbit Run 100 Course
Running into the finish…about 3 miles + 3,000 feet left to descent. My toes hated me.

A wordy recap will be up soon, I promise! As usual I’ll dump all the random thoughts I’ve had about the race along with some boring stats then show off some mountain photos. But what else do you want to know about the race? What details matter to you? I write detailed recaps for two reasons – so I can remember the misery/joy of a race when I get trigger happy on UltraSignUp and to get other runners doing the same/similar race can show up a little more prepared on race day. If you were going to take on Run, Rabbit, Run or any other ultra as your first race what details would you care about? Tell me your questions and I’ll give you the best answers I have!

Ready As I’ll Ever Be… [#RRR100]

So, it’s here. Race week has arrived. The Run Rabbit Run 100 starts in less than 24 hours! And I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. You’d think that with the lack of actual training on the trails I’d have every other part of the race day prep mastered. Not true. Not even a little bit true. I spent a good portion of last night sitting on my bed staring at 4 mini totes nicely labeled but not even sort of packed…a pile of clean clothes was tossed on my pillows, a stack of half finished lists were scattered across the bed, two cats are crawling all over me and a half packed duffle bag was hiding behind me.

Rather than check the weather repeatedly I’ve decided to pack everything I own. That’s a valid compromise, right? It’s a good thing I drive an SUV…the list of things I need keeps growing! Yea, yea, I know ultras are all about making due with what’s available, which I can appreciate, but what if I need it before or after the race?! All this insane list making keeps me sane…or at least speaks to the tiny part of sanity I have left.

My crew sure is lucky they aren’t dealing with a crazy person! …oh, wait.
…at least I baked them lots of treats!

I’m going into this race with one goal – crossing the finish line. My secondary goal is as many smiley miles as possible. Beyond that nothing matters. I don’t care about the numbers, I don’t care about how many people are in front of or behind me, I don’t care how many times I puke or cry or trip. Whatever happens out there is going to happen. Right now all I can do is hope for the best, prepare for the worst and hug all of the strangers!

The car is loaded up and I’m headed west. In a few hours I’ll be pulling into Steamboat Springs, meeting up with Paula and making things even more official by stopping by the Run Rabbit Run 100 packet pick up and race meeting. I’ve never run a race that has a race meeting…what have I gotten myself into?!

If you want to stalk my run, here’s how you do it…

If you’re looking to get regular updates on the race head over to ultralive.net, I am bib 282. You are also welcome to stalk Paula, bib 293, as it is her fault I’m suffering this weekend! You can also track first person updates about the race by following #RRR100 (about the entire race) or #runabler (mostly about me). Psst – Mom, click those links, it’ll take you over to Twitter so you can see all the details and watch me be awesome at hating my life!

Lastly, a million thanks to Paula plus my crew and pacers…you’re going to be incredible this weekend and I apologize in advance for any mean things I say to you. Blame it on my run drunk stupor! Also, thanks to Zensah, Columbia and Boulder Running Company in Littleton for all of the training and race day support you’ve given me!