6.2 miles (race)

My second Heart of Summer race. It was a good 10K race. The weather was cooler and there was a really nice breeze coming off the lake – for the most part anyway. There were some hot spots on the run, but it wasn’t horrible.

My first mile was 9:12 mpm, but really, thats the only mile split I remember, although I checked each on. I have a horrible time remembering anything on races. I think I get into the mood and just follow the person in front of me. Its rather scary how Amy can tell me about the whole race and I don’t even remember what I wore to a race or where we started. Odd.

I had a good race, and I had some good people to keep pace with. Its weird. When I got home I had a big story to tell Chris about the race, right now that doesn’t seem very important. I ran faster than my last 10K, so I am happy.

And while I always say I’m really racing against myself and the clock it helps to have other people around me running! I admit, I do mentally trash talk some people when I run, but it gets me past them and in turn betters my time. I run a lot faster during races (opposed to training) not just because of the adrenaline, but because I can make myself goals to pass the girl in the puke green shorts, or the sweaty dude without a shirt. So I do get excited when I pass people, but mainly because it makes me faster in the long run, not because I made it past them. Does that make sense? Hope so!
Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 55:55
Pace: 9:00 mpm


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