3.95 miles + lifting

Yay! I’m fast again! At least I was tonight! I ended up with an 8:58 pace!

It felt good to actually have good speed going! I almost didn’t head out because I really needed to get 8 miles in, but then I decided that if I go out and run tonight I won’t have quite so much pressure to run Saturday and Sunday. I still plan on getting some mileage in on both days, but now I can really focus mainly on my 18 miler.

And I really picked up the pace after my first mile – my first mile was about 9:30-35 mpm. I have no idea what the rest of the mile splits were because I can only ever remember where the 1/2 mile and 1 mile marks are from my house!

I also lifted today, and unfortunately for the world out there I am going to keep updating my lifting! Boring details, I know, but it keeps me on track and accountable!

Three circuits with 12 reps each….

Lunges – 10lbs
Deadlift – 20lbs (one weight)
Squats – 10lbs
Shoulder Press – 10lbs
Dumbbell Curl – 10lbs
Bent Row – 15lbs (one weight)
Chest Fly – 10lbs
Distance: 3.95 miles
Time: 35:23
Pace: 8:58 mpm


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