5 miles (race)

Well, I showed up in the parking lot as they were singing the National Anthem…thats how I started my race. I’m awesome like that! Thank goodness they did alot of talking between the National Anthem and the gun! I managed to park, lock my car, return to my car to take off my hoodie, get to the end of the start line, put my timing chip on, and work my way past some walkers before the gun went off! I was the girl that was definitely not on time! But I do have a bit of an excuse — I got half way to the race and I realized I forgot my timing chip, so I had to head back home to pick it up! Dumb me!

Even so the race wasn’t bad. This is what I remember for my splits at the mile marks….

Mile 1 – 8:12
Mile 2 – 17:20
Mile 3 – 25:45
Mile 4 – 35:30
Mile 5 – 43:38

Or something like that. I only know for positive that I remembered Mile 1 & 2 correctly. So I started out speedy! Then my shin started to hurt, a lot! By the time I finished I felt like my shin had internal bleeding! Ick. I’m now spending quality time with some ice! I had plans to run some more this afternoon with Heather, but I might have to bail on account of a shin with internal bleeding! Ugh!

Even with a late arrival and a hateful shin I finished with a time I’m definitely happy with. The preliminary finish times had me at 43:31. The pace on the race chart said 8:55, but when I entered the distance and time into Runner’s World I got a pace of 8:43. I used Runner’s World for everything else, and I like the pace of 8:43, so we are sticking to that!
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 43:31
Pace: 8:43 mpm


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