20 miles (race)

Yay! I completed my 20 mile race! Holy man – I’ve got to do 6.2 miles in three weeks! Oiy!

I stayed in a hotel room the night before with my runner buddy, Heather, about 20 minutes to the race. We stopped and picked up our race packets on Friday night and then drove the majority of the course – a 10 mile loop around a really nice lake that we ran twice. Not the best idea in the world! It seemed like forever to drive!

Then once we got checked into our hotel we headed out to a nice Italian restaurant that was recommended. Delicious! Then it was off to bed for us! We got up at 6am and were ready to leave the hotel at 7:15am where we met Amy, another runner buddy! She was running the 10 mile race.

It really was a good race, all things considered – we started out slow and kept a really good consistent pace for the first loop (10 miles). We started out with a perfect 10:30mpm for Mile 1. For the rest of the first loop we stayed pretty darn close to that pace and ended up with an average of 10:42mpm, or a 1:47:?? 10 mile run.

We/I felt pretty darn good going into the second loop. Our goal was to finish up at least 13 miles without any additional walking. We walked after we got water at every water station, so there was some walking, but nothing outside of the water stations for at least the first 13 miles. We made it to Mile 14. And even then we just took an extended walk after the water station. Heather only walked for the water stations but I did do a tad more walking. I had quite the side stitch bugging me so I walked it out for two minutes or so around Mile 16. That got Heather ahead of me and didn’t see her again until the end when she was cheer team.

My second loop was a bit slower than the first – as can be expected. I walked more and ran slower. My second loop was completed with a grand time of 1:55:??, so a pace of 11:30mpm. Not something I’m going to complain about.

In the grand scheme of things I ran a 20 mile run/race and finished with a time of 3:43:47 and an average pace of 11:08mpm. I’d really like to finish the full marathon in roughly 5 hours so I’m definitely right on track for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my last three weeks of training be more prepared! Yay me!

I feel super accomplished for this run! I ran it without any shin pain (a huge relief!) – just the usual wear and tear of my poor runner body. Of course the “usual wear and tear” was amplified by my lack of training, shucks. I finished the race and headed right to Caribou Coffee for a full calorie delicious cold turtle drink – yum!

ETA: I also want to add that all in all this was a very fun race! I happened to have my car parked right along Mile 1/11 and on our second loop I stopped to get ibuprofen and tortilla chips! Ha! And I stopped and joked with people at all of the water stations, which really made the race fun! This was my first race that I went into “just to have fun”. I wanted to finish and I had an ultimate goal in mind, but otherwise I was just there to have fun — I think that really affected my ability to complete it. It makes me look forward to all of the spectators at the TC Full!
Distance: 20 miles
Time: 3:42:47
Pace: 11:09 mpm


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