Bock Point 5Mile Race

First race of the season! : )

And it went well. The weather was amazing. Just amazing. I think it topped out above 50 degrees, which is just insane for a Wisconsin March! Sunglasses were a necessity for the run!

I ran with Heather, The Moms, and a few other people that I know from high school, including both of my high school cross country coaches. It was fun. The race course itself was a quick out and back course. Only a little incline, so no complaints there. It was pretty good to have the out and back because I knew so many people running.

I even managed to keep up with Heather for most of the race! We were doing really good on our pace – better than I expected from myself. I was right with Heather until just after the 3rd mile. Although she got ahead of me I kept her in my sight the whole time. She ended up finishing about 30 seconds ahead of me! I’m so proud! : )

Race Time:
Heather – 43:41 (8:45 pace)
Heidi – 44:06 (8:50 pace)

PS – thats a good pace for me!

When we finished the race we were greeted with an insane crowd, free beer, cookies, and snacks. This year the Boch Point Run had to turn runners away! They capped out at 2,000 runners. Thats a pretty big deal for a little town like Stevens Point! Granted I’m pretty sure some people came just for the free beer….

Me and Heather - just before the race began.

Heather, me, and Tanya - just after the race!

Heather, me, and Tanya - just after the race!

Terry, Heather, me, Renee - post run with ice cream!


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    • I’ve got another one with free beer coming up! Well, this upcoming one is only free samples, but still… Sometimes it pays to be from an alcoholic state (WI)!

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