Get Lucky 7K!

This Saturday Gary, Amy, and I got lucky. Oh yes we did. So lucky that we froze our tails off in 25 degree weather on the first day of spring! And then run 7km (4.38mi) around Minneapolis with 3,000 other crazies. It was fun, it really was!

This was Gary’s first race ever and Amy’s first race of the year! It was my second thanks to the Boch Point Run. We had three weeks of amazing weather and then on Thursday the weather took a turn for the worse. It was cold. Sure, it was the average for the time of year, but after three weeks of awesome-ness it was chilly! That didn’t stop the crazies though!

Photos! (also available on FB)

Gary and his hand tattoo!

Amy and I with our hand tattoos!

Super cool leg tattoo! :)


 We started out right near the river with a huge mass of freezing people! The best thing to do was to get to the middle of the group and have the heat from the other 3,000 people keep you toasty! When the race finally started it took us almost 3 minutes to get to the start line and then we were off! I stayed with Gary for almost hte first mile, then he got ahead of me. But not far ahead! I kept my eye on him for all but the last mile when I lost him!

We ended up running over 4 bridges and one overpass – it was pretty cool! Some parts were rather risky. For example, on the first bridge we were just inches from traffic! It was a four lane bridge and they only closed down on lane of traffic! The runners were far too congested at this point and I ended up on the outside edge by the passing cars. Let me just say the passing cars weren’t too interested in slowing down as they passed! Otherwise, it was a great race! Fun, scenic, and pretty entertaining with all the St. Patty’s day get ups! I’d recommend it!

We ran - supah fast!

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