Spring Thaw 5K

This morning my brother, Gary, and I ran the Spring Thaw 5K at the UW. A great race considering I got to sleep in until 7:45am! Whoo hoo!

We headed down to the UW to get our packets at 8ish. I wasn’t sure exactly where the race was starting to we just grabbed our packets and headed back home for breakfast. The race started at 10am with about 200 people – a small, local race. It was rather refreshing after a few races with 2K plus runners! Even with only 200 runners I was always around other runners.

Pre Race - Gary and I

Gary stuck with me for the first 2 miles and then he took off. I might run more often and longer distances, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he is faster than me! At the very beginning I picked out two girls I wanted to beat. Around 1.5 miles they started pulling away and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to beat them at that pace! About the time Gary took off on his own I saw one of the girls stopping for water – I had a chance! I followed her and finally passed her at the last 10 steps! Whoo hoo! It helped a ton to have a visable goal to keep me moving – it was so much more about keeping myself going than being competitive. I guess I should be thanking this girl for that!

Post Race - excited about our Sobe!

I finished in 25:24 with a pace of 8:11mpm – nothing to complain about. Last year for my first 5K of the year I finished in 25:05. Considering I’ve done little to no speed work I think I’m doing pretty good this year. I’m having fun running and my races aren’t exactly suffering. Its exciting! I think I’ve got another 5K planned for next weekend! : )

NUMBAH ONE! (thanks to his last name, but thats a minor detail!)

After racing Gary and I went to check out the local bike shops. I tried out  five different bikes before I decided I was too darn hungry to even think about bikes! When I got to the last bike I figured out what the little do-dad was that kept the bikes from feeling just right – the seat needs to be moved back a bit. Now when I start this process all over again next weekend I’ll know where to begin. I’m glad I’ve got six weeks until I can buy a bike – there are far too many options!

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