EC Half Marathon

This morning was my first half marathon of the year. I knew I was a bit undertrained so I was expecting to be a bit slower than last year, I was ready to handle that. My morning started out shaky and overly emotional but I made it to my race and I ran. I have a medal to prove it!

I got up at 5:37am to begin my morning and I wasn’t feeling good. Chris got a cold yesterday and I am pretty sure he passed all of my germs onto me! My head hurt, my nose was full of goobers, and I wanted to vomit. I don’t get race nerves that make me feel queasy, so I knew it was the germs Chris was nice enough to share with me!

I still got myself ready to go, but I was running late. I got down to the race to find absolutely no parking. I ran this race last year and the parking was not this bad. I wasn’t feeling good, I was frustrated, and I didn’t even want to run anymore. I called Chris crying because I was ready to drive home and call the race a failure. He didn’t answer. Then I realized that while I did pick up my t-shirt Saturday night I wouldn’t get my medal until I crossed the finish line. I also realized that since I had momentarily become a giant crybaby my tummy stopped hurting. Fine! FINE! I gave in and found a random parking spot that may or may not have been a legal parking spot. I got up to the race about 3 minutes before the start.

I went out pretty slow and stuck with 10:00-10:35 minute/mile pace. Chris was waiting between Mile 3 and 4 as the race course went right near our place. I lost a layer and headed on. Around Mile 5 the top of my right foot was hurting. This is where my tendonitis was really bad from my marathon and all the training that involved. I toughed it out and post race it wasn’t as bad. Although I’m icing my feet now.

Official results aren’t posted yet, but my stop watch had me at about 2:16 — can’t complain. Only 12 minutes slower than last year…

Chris was on call this weekend and had to go into work right after catching up with me around Mile 3 but when I got home from the race he had gotten me flowers and my favorite chocolates. Yeah! : )

My chocolate, flowers, and race swag!

After all the racing fun I took a shower and an hour long nap. Being sick while racing makes you extra tired I think! It’s not normal for me to be this sore after a race or to come home and go to bed. Usually I shower and go about my day. Not this time. After post nap I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an early night!


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