MPLS Half Marathon…Completed!

I completed my second half marathon of the year today. Whoo hoo!

On Saturday night Chris and I drove downtown to pick up my race packet. We met Amy while we were down there. I didn’t get anything extra at the expo, just my bib, chip, t-shirt, and hat (for registering early).

My MPLS race swag... : )

We headed to Noodles & Company for supper and then sat around our hotel room just killing time for the evening. I managed to think ahead and get all of my race gear set out early so that I wouldn’t have to wake Chris up. I even put my bib onto my shorts because, as anyone who has ever raced with me knows, I am very anal retentive about my race bib!

My shorts, all ready for the race!

 After a semi-good night of sleep (the hotel had a wedding) my alarm started bleeping at me at 4:43am. Joy. Amy picked me up at 6am and off to the race we went. We got there in good time, but were a little challenged in our ability to find parking we were allowed into. Eventually we got parked and ready to go RUN!

Psyched to run-around-aroo...

 At 7am we were off! This was only my second race with Team Ortho and I think my favorite part was at the start where the starter pace times were spread out over a full block. Usually when you start a race you are all snug together, almost claustrophobic. This morning we were really spread out, I was not even ready for the race to start since there was so much space between people still!

I was pretty apprehensive about this race. I was prepared to stay slow and just keep moving forward! However, when we got started I was feeling good. I stayed slow for the first few miles, but I was still feeling good so I kicked it in! This course was an out and back course from about mile 5 to the finish. It was really cool to be able to see the front runners go through and people were so excited and supportive going both directions! The problem with this was that at about 5.5 miles we had some awesome downhills. This was amazing until someone mentioned we would have to run back up the stupid hills just before the finish! Yick! But I survived! One nice thing about running in Eau Claire is the fact I am required to run hills no matter where I go. It makes me better at running hills during races! 

I ran the entire thing (minus water stops) and I felt awesome the whole time! I should have kicked it in earlier! I finished in 2:11:30, which averaged out to a pace of 10:03. Not as good at my first half, which I ran last year, but I can’t complain. I haven’t put much training into speed this year and it shows, but I have more fun with my runs and my races!


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