RCU Charity Classic 10K

The RCU Charity Classic 10K was this morning at 8am. It was grossly hot outside. Gary was going to run but his knee is a little messed up right now. He stayed with us Friday night and then we biked down to the race this morning. In the time it took us to put our front tires on our bikes I had sweat running down by face. Ew!

At this point I was happy to just bike down to the race, pick up my tshirt, and come back home. Of course, I got down to the course and got the race bug! I ran…and I didn’t even do all that bad! Since Gary couldn’t run he became my biking cheerleader and mobile water station. He had my camera so I do have some photos from the run! I still look silly, but at least I have photos that I don’t have to pay for!

Here I come...! (I'm in blue short, pink tank)

Run...Sweat...Run... (I'm showing Gary where to bike to catch up with the finish line)

Race: I finished the 10K in 59:16 with an average pace of 9:33. Not as fast as last year, but at least I survived the gross humidity!

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