Mini Upside-Down Duathlon?

Labor Day weekend is approaching…in the eyes of a t-shirt collecting runner this means one thing. The Buckshot run on Saturday. Unfortunately, this t-shirt junkie has to work at 9am on Saturday. Even with the 5 Mile race starting at 8am there is no possible way for me to finish, go home, shower, and show up at work in less than an hour. I’m just not that fast. Bummer, I know.

On a more fortunate note the Buckshot is aware of the fact Labor Day weekend is not the best time to have a race – considering family and such. Because of this they also have a 2 mile race the Tuesday before Labor Day weekend. Guess who only worked until Noon on Tuesday? Yup, me.

As of late I have been having some serious issues committing to races so I did not sign up for this race in advance. This almost turned out to be a good thing! I had lunch with Chris and promptly fell asleep on the couch at about 1:30. Not normal for me, but I guess my crazy early Sunday races have caught up with me! I didn’t wake up until Chris got home at about 5:20. The race started at 6:00. I subconsciously decided I wasn’t going to do it. Then Chris said it was cooled down a lot and was quite nice out. Fine! I’ll race!

For some unknown reason I had decided I was going to bike the 5 miles to the race. I was headed out of my driveway at 5:27 – yes, I changed that quickly, I’m super awesome that way. First, I need to say that I’m pretty sure Chris lied to me about the weather – it was still sticky and gross out!

I showed up at the park at 5:48 and had just enough time to register before everyone headed for the start line. On the way to the start line it started thundering. No problem for the race – rain sounded great considering I was soaked in sweat and the humid air was not pleasant. However, I was not excited to ride my bike back home in the rain!

I had to put on my bib as I was walking to the finish line but my bike ride there had me pumped up and ready to go! I was feeling good – and if my race sucked, so what, I just woke up from a nap and I biked to the race, I had my excuses in place!

I started my watch about 20 seconds late, I completely forgot this race wasn’t chip timed! I had no clue where the course went (again, I was slacking on this!) so I was surprised to see the 1 mile mark and had no idea where the last mile took us. At Mile 1 my watch was telling me I was at 8:22 which was really about 8:42. Awesome! I kicked it in a bit and picked off a few more people before I realized exactly how we got to the finish line. Then I was home free. I crossed the finish line at 17:27 gun time. Considering the race had about 75 people running gun time was just about spot on. That put my pace at 8:43! I’ve run 5K’s faster, but lately I’ve been rather slow so I was pumped about this!

I squeezed out an 8:43 pace after I peddled my pants off for 5 miles to get to the race on time! Just think of how supah fast I would have been if I drove to the race?!

The rain didn’t start coming down until I was about a 1/2 mile away from the finish. It was actually pretty cool because we were running in a park, surrounded by trees. I could hear the rain hitting all of the leaves before it hit me and it was really coming down! By the time the finish line was in sight it was pouring rain – I could hardly keep my eyes open to see where I was headed. I was drenched. It was going to be a long ride home. I actually got cold on the way home and had to stop to put my sweet new t-shirt on. My bike home was slower because I was tired and because I didn’t whip around the corners – I was afraid to biff it on the wet ground!

Wet, cold & rockin' my new t-shirt!

So my night was successful. I got a new t-shirt (even though it was the wrong size, that is what I get for not pre-registering!), I biked a total of 10 miles, and I ran 2 miles at a pace I’m more than happy with!

Oh, and I know this post is getting long but I have to add one more thing. Of the 75ish runners about 30% of them were kids. And by kids I mean pre-teens and younger. I hung around a bit after my finish because a guy I work with was running with a younger kid – I wanted to show my support. Anyway, shortly after I finished what looked like a grandpa and grandson finished. The grandson couldn’t have been more than 6 years old. It was awesome – the kid was booking it and everyone got excited for him. This gives me hope for the future…I love it when kids get involved in racing so young!

Race/Workout: I biked 5 miles in about 20 minutes, ran a 2 mile race with an average pace of 8:43, then biked another 5 miles to get home in about 25 minutes. My mini upside down duathlon… : )

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