GoCommando Adventure 5K!

This Saturday Gary, Amy and I took on the GoCommando Adventure 5K put on by Team Ortho. It is a 5K race where the runners have to complete 10 obstacles between the start and finish. This race consisted of the following obstacles:

Hay Fever Ridge – running up and over round bales of hay
Fence Leap – running/jumping over hurdle like bars
Log Jam – climbing up and over logs
The Serpent – running back and forth up a hill
The Black Hole – scrambling under a brushy bunker
Into the Wild – running up and down a hill between pine trees
Over the Falls – slide down a water slide and into mud
The Sahara – running up and down sandy mounds
Minefield – bouncing through a field of tires
Fire in the Hole – jumping over flaming logs
Swamp Commando – running thru the edge of a muddy pond

The race was set up pretty casually – packet pick up was at the race, we got to pick our start time once we got there (in 20 minute increments, depending upon our slot) and everyone just hung out before and after their waves went.

When we started out on Saturday morning it was about 40 degrees out! Cold! Especially when you are about to run a race that involves water! We were a bit late getting to the parking lot to meet the shuttle because we went to the middle school rather than the high school. Oops. Because of this we were delayed and didn’t start until the 9:40am wave. This turned out pretty good for us – well, good is a relative term. Being in the 9:40 wave turned out to be a bit muddier than the 9:00 wave!

This here race, it is serious business!

We are super cool, and super cold!

We started out with a loop around a plowed field before coming up on the Hay Fever Ridge obstacle. Honestly, running in the plowed field was much more difficult than the obstacle! Too many rocks to avoid tripping over! From our first obstacle we headed out to loop through a pasture. The most entertaining part was watching people dodge the dried cow pies! Hehe – that is the farm girl in my giggling at them!

Gary (in blue) headed up to the round bales!

Me - dominating the hay bales!

Amy, showing the world how its done!

At the top of a hill we came to the Fence Leap. I’ve always sucked at anything that involved eye-hand coordination and hurtling falls in that category. Needless to say, I stepped over the poles! The first few obstacles were pretty spread out to ensure that the best ones were close to the spectators.

The next obstacle we hit was the Log Jam where we climbed up and over some “neatly stacked logs”. The worst part about this was the sand leading up to the logs. Call me a wimp, but I don’t like sand in my shoes! This was pretty close to the spectator area so Chris got some photos of Gary and I. Amy was sneaky and Chris missed her.

Gary making his way over.

What can I say, I have skills!

The next obstacle was probably the most difficult – running back and forth up a hill for The Serpent. Not fun. I took a photo of the first wave headed up it. It doesn’t look that bad from below, but it stinks when you are trying to work your way up it. You are running on uneven ground and just having to turn stinks. Oh well, we all made it!

The first wave of runners on The Serpent!

There was a much needed water stop at the top of the hill and then we headed out to run around a corn field. It has been a long time since I’ve been in a corn field…deer hunting of last year. This loop seemed to take forever because it was just me and the corn. Boring. We ended up running by the slide and then through a hayfield to get to the Black Hole for a scramble under some brush. I kind of wanted to just lay down and take a nap under the brush…

The last six obstacles were pretty back-to-back. We ran back toward the water slide where we had to run up and down a hill of pine trees for the Into the Wilds obstacle. Sounds pretty easy…was not much fun! You could see where you got to finish but it seemed to take forever to get there!

For the Over the Falls water slide I was able to just jump right in and head on down. Some people had to wait in line to get down the slide, which, really, wouldn’t be that bad – a nice breather! I knew the water was going to be cold but I wasn’t ready for the amount of mud at the end of the slide! When Amy and I went over to check it out there wasn’t much mud. By the time I went down the slide the mud pretty much doubled the length of the slide! Chris got some fun photos of us all going down the water slide…

One of the first people thru the slide - notice the lack of mud...

Gary coming thru the slide - there is a lot more mud now!

My turn!

Amy picking up speed...

She got so much speed she overshot the cones and did a flip!

From the slide we headed right into The Sahara to run up and over a few mounds of sand. Remember how I don’t like sand in my shoes? I like sand in my wet shoes even less… But I survived to make it out to a short stretch through a hay field!

Some runners from the first wave on The Sahara!

Down a hill and around a corner and I had made it to the Minefield where I had to bounce my way through some tires. I have to give the football players credit for making this look so stinking easy. It is not easy. I felt like a fool and Chris assured me I looked like a fool! Fun. Since this was so close to the finish we got some photos here too!

I didn't fall on my face...that counts for something...right?

Here comes Amy!

Just one more corner and two obstacles before I was all done! Around the corner from the tires was the Fire in the Hole obstacle where we got to jump over fire. I kind of wimped out and stuck to the side, but I jumped, that is what mattered! Again, close to the finish so we got some photos!

My muddy bum, jumping the flames!

Amy, approaching the fire...

The last obstacle before the finish line was Swamp Commando. I’m not going to lie, I expected this to be muddier and wetter. I’m not exactly complaining because I made it to the finish line without the need to completely hose off, but I think it would have been more fun if we had to get muddier and wetter…just saying! I was prepared for worse! Of course we had some photos of the sticky mud of the swamp…

There was nothing graceful about getting thru that mud - it was shoe-sucking!

Amy headed for the finish line!

Once we all got across the finish line we took some mandatory “look how muddy we got” photos and then got our free hot dogs! After watching a few more crazies come through the water slide we decided to head home. Chris and Gary both needed to go to work in the afternoon and Amy and I had appointments with our couches for some down time!

We all survived to finish! : )

Definitely muddier from behind! ; )

Gary, who claims he had a bad knee had a great race. He finished in about 22 minutes and was something like the 5th guy (and person) from our wave across the finish line. They only got prizes for being 1st and 2nd, but he still felt cool!

I have lost a lot of my speed because I’ve been putting more focus on distance and less on speed, but I still had a decent race. I finished in 30:33 which is a 9:51 pace. Not bad considering I had some obstacles!

Amy came in after me. The race clock started with the first wave at 9am so I am honestly not sure what her time was. Either way she did great on the course, especially since she has been having problems with her ankle! Ankle problems and uneven pastures and fields usually don’t mix!

Basically, we are awesome and we are completely prepared to do this all again in October for the Freak 5K…right?!


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