Running in costume!

Tomorrow morning my alarm is going to be blaring at approximately 5:03am. How fun. My plan is to be in my car by 5:30-5:45am to start my 2ish hour drive to Minneapolis for the Minneapolis Monster Half Marathon. I could spend the night in the Cities, but then I have to spend money – it is just easier and more economical to stay at home and get up early!

As you might have gathered I am dressing up as a jazzerciser. Not all that imaginative, but definitely something I can run 13.1 miles in! For me that is more important than winning a costume contest. I have all of my clothes laid out and ready. By “laid out” I really mean thrown into a pile of pink and blue, but I’m pretty sure it is all there. This is what I have…

I'm so organized...

Florescent pink running tights
Bright pink off the shoulder crop top
Pink sports bra
Blue tank top (worn under crop top)
Blue swimsuit bottom (worn over tights)
Blue leg warmers
Blue wrist bands and headband
Puffy scrunchie
Blue/purple eyeshadow
Bright pink drawstring bag

Pretty much I am going to rock tomorrow…I’m pumped but I think Chris is a tad bit embarrassed by my cool-ness. Poor guy!

For supper tonight I made homemade pizza. Well, as homemade as it gets when the dough comes from a “just add water” baggie, but whatever. I put it together! Chris gave me the idea when he suggested Papa Murphy’s Pizza. Not only was I in the wrong lane when he called me on my way home from work, but I was feeling cheap enough to make my own pizza!

I'm good at making messes...

Clearly Papa Murphy’s would have been less messy…. Oh well, my variation of pepperoni pizza was pretty tasty!


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