Monster Dash Half Marathon Photos!

I know, this is my third post for the day…I need to get a life! I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a while but dreaded the process of screen printing them so that I can show off my awesomeness pathetic self. As I’ve mentioned I am visiting a friend this weekend and am currently killing time while she is at work. Well, she has a MacBook. Screen printing, I’m sorry, screen capturing is so freaking easy on a Mac! I’m glad I waited!

Of course her desktop is currently full of photos of me looking like death while racing, but whatever, she’ll have something to remember me by when I leave. Or I’ll be nice and clean them up. Who am I kidding…she’ll have them there to remember me by! 😉


I am going to go all out and post all of the photos from the Minneapolis Monster Half Marathon. These photos were taking by and still have the watermarks so I did not steal them. I am just showing the world. I could just as easily give you the website, my bib number and my last name – but this is more fun.

The full race report is located HERE.

(click on photo to get larger image!)


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