Whoa…ADD me!

The original purpose of my previous post (A very short week) was to brag about how super short my work week was. Obviously I was so tired out from all of the work I did [not do] that I completely forgot what I was trying to talk about. Wow. I’m special.

On Monday I only worked 4 hours…I spent the first half of my day driving home from Iowa after running the Living History Farms race and spending time with family.

Tuesday was a responsible day for me – I worked a full 8 hours. Of course everything was uneventful because it was a “holiday week”. Apparently half the world shuts down during a “holiday week”.

I was supposed to spend a full 8 hours of working on Wednesday…however, we had some crappy weather in the forecast and a lot of commuters. With it being the day before Thanksgiving they closed down our office early and I only had to be attentive and productive for about 4 hours. Awesome!

Of course, Thursday was Thanksgiving so no worky work. I did run the Turkey Trot 5Mile (race recap still coming) and spent the rest of my day napping and lazing around the house. Yup…a pretty awesome Thanksgiving…no turkey, no family, lots of napping! 😉

I did manage to squeeze in a full day of work today (Friday) but it was jeans day and I spent the last half hour of my day putting up a fake Christmas tree at work! I’m productive like that!

So…this is what I meant to put out there when I started the previous post…oops.

Oooh, and the rest of my afternoon was spent attempting to make some Cranberry Walnut Orange bread. I think I have failed. It is still in the oven (for another 5 minutes) but it just doesn’t look right. I think it is because I decided to double the recipe…not a good plan. Oh well. I might give it another shot tomorrow morning before we head out for our Saturday Thanksgiving….

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