Festival Foods Turkey Trot 5Mile (race recap)

I spent the entire week drinking large quantities of emergenC and Airbourne trying to fight off the glorious cold I managed to give myself by running the Living History Farms race. This is the primary reason I did not sign up for the Festival Foods Turkey Trot in advance.

On Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) I woke up to the beautiful blare of my alarm. All for a big dumb race and a $25 t-shirt. I’m just that dedicated. My cellphone said it was 16 degrees but weather.com said it was 2 degrees with the wind chill. I still dressed myself up all purdy like and headed downtown to the local YMCA where the race started.

This is a great decision...right!?

One great thing about a nearby race is that I can leave the house at 8:03am for a 8:30am race start! I parked about three blocks away and dilly dallied to register for the race, pick up my t-shirt and stop by the locker room to drop my jacket and t-shirt in my locker and still made it to the race start right on time. I took my sweet time because the YMCA building was open…and warm!

Once we got outside in the start corral (and freezing cold) we had to wait until about 8:37 for everyone to get their act together. It was a smaller race so people were taking their time…besides, it was cold and people wanted to stay in the building as long as possible! We also had to wait for the crew to get the sign set up. This was rather annoying and COLD!

Putting up the sign...

A rather ssllooowww process!

We eventually were on our way. There were about 1200 runners registered and I believe it was about 400 that finished the 5Mile (there was also a 2Mile). The first mile SUCKED! Not because of the people, but because I was so freaking cold! About a half mile into the race we had to run across an open bridge. My cheeks were so freaking cold that my eyes were tearing…causing tears to run down my face…causing my cheeks to be even colder… Yay, not a fan of the first mile.

After the first mile or so I started to warm up a bit and was feeling pretty good. I frequently run on all of the roads and trails that the course went over, but I was never really sure where the next turn would be because the course did loop around a bit. This was probably a good thing! While the first mile drug on forever I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that we had made it to the half way mark!

I think the most difficult part of this course was the fact that most of it was on roads rather than trails. We ran along the sidewalk, not on the sidewalk. The day before (Wednesday) we had a Wisconsin-like ice/snow “storm” so the roads were VERY icy. The sidewalks had not been shoveled yet and were snowy. Whenever possible I went for the crunchy snow on the sidewalks over the slick ice on the roads! It takes time to get used to running on ice…and you do not want your first time of the season to be during a race.

I did survive…and I’m pretty darn happy with my time!

Yay...I surived! :)

Showing off the t-shirt...my motivation!

Considering I had been sick-ish all week and this was my first time running on ice for the season I can proudly say that I finished the 5Mile race with an official time of 45:03, an average pace of 9:01! Not exactly a PR (43:41 at the BuckShot) but a pace I am happy with none the less! My garmin says I finished the race in 44:55 with a 8:58 pace…this makes me happier, but I’ll be okay with the official time…I’m legit like that.

Overall, I liked the race. I’ll be back next year, as long as my family Thanksgiving plans allow for it!


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