Jingle Bell 5K (race recap)

On Friday the talk of the town (region? state? midwest?) was SNOW. Lots and lots of snow! The forecasts ranged from 4-12 inches. When I went to bed on Friday night at about 11pm there was no extra snow on the ground and no snow in the sky. Hmmm…where was this snowstorm?

Apparently it was waiting for me to fall asleep because we got about 4 inches overnight. My initial plan was to run the 4 miles to the start of the race, meet up with my friend Amber (her first 5K!) and walk/run the race with her. Then I would bribe Amber to give me a drive home. Yay, that wasn’t happening, not with 4 inches of drifting snow!


Outside my door!

Instead I did the logical thing and jumped into my car to drive there. Okay, fine, not exactly logical or genius. I drive a plastic Saturn which is not very conducive to lots of snow, especially drifting snow. Needless to say I did not make it out of the driveway, let alone down the unplowed road! I had to call Amber and have her come pick me up at the gas station down the road.


Yes, I pimped it with my “wedding boots”!

Oddly enough those were the only boots I could find. I live in WISCONSIN for crying out loud. By the way, in Wisconsin it snows…sometimes a lot. Yay, apparently I skipped out on that part of common sense. Go figure. I’m smart, I promise!


All ready to go run in the snow!

We added a layer of jackets and some gloves…then we were off! Off to be super amazing with a group of other crazy people! At the start of the race we had very serious white out conditions…


No, just kidding. That photo was taken when my camera was set up on a weird setting. It wasn’t that white out, but the photo does make us look like pretty darn crazy hardcore runners!


This is the trail we ran on – after the race. Completely unplowed, just two well packed down trails from all the runners and walkers.


Amber…running in snow, up hill!

It was an out and back course – actually the same course as the Spring Thaw 5K I ran with Gary this spring. We ran out, across the foot bridge, down the bike trail along the river and then back again. The out part wasn’t too bad – the wind was at our back the whole time. Of course, we didn’t realize how great the out part was until we had to start the back part. It snowed the entire time…wind and snow hitting you in the face is not fun. My cheeks, chin and nose are currently chapped…mmm, wonder why!?


Headed across the bridge…and to the finish line!


See…running can be fun! Especially in the snow!


Whoo hoo…here I come!

We played around on the bridge a little bit. It was windy, but fun. We had to get some cool photos to prove just how snowy it was!

After the bridge we got to run into the finish. It was a super small race so our "timer" was actually a very cold woman with a stop watch. Our time was 32:54. Pretty darn good for a 5K walk/run in snow, especially considering we did quite a bit of goofing around!


Snow angel!


I like snow angels…Smile

On the way back to the warm building I ha dot stop and make some snow angels. I like snow angels, and these boots were basically made for for making snow angels…I did the same when I wore them with my wedding dress!


We survived!

When we got back to the main building we had to bribe a bystander to take photos of us. One never passes up the opportunity to prove their hardcore snow running abilities!


We had snow crystals on our eye lashes but they all melted as soon as we walked in the door! All of the snow from our hats melted down our faces! Even with all this snow we were pretty toasty…trucking it through snow in hard work!

There was hot apple cider, coffee, cookies, muffins and chili. A great end to a chilly race!


Jingle Bell 5K (race recap) — 8 Comments

  1. Ohmigosh, this is the craziest race report I’ve ever read! I don’t even know what to say. All that snow, and you were running it. Oh, No Ma’am. That is craziness!

    Glad you had a great time though!

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  3. I am jealous of anyone who lives in a town right now that has snow! I can’t believe you ran in it though! I think I would have slipped/fallen a billion times :)

    • The slipping and falling part wasn’t too bad in the beginning…18 inches of snow to cushion the fall! Now the roads are all packed snow and my stupid car does not know how to accelorate on packed snow/ice!

      It is pretty though! I like it! :)

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