Lil’ Cutie Lasagnas

Every since my bestest friendest everest (Stacy, this is you, by the way) sent me a link to a recipe for “petite lasagna” I have been trying to find an excuse to put the extra time into trying it out. Again, the Tomato Bowl gave me an excuse to get creative and wander on outside of my comfort zone.

I basically used this recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner? as a reference point. I used my own recipe in terms of the meat and ricotta mixture but the idea of using muffin tins and wonton wrappers from Can You Stay for Dinner?.


Lil’ Cutie Lasagna


– 12 wonton wraps
– 0.5 lb ground meat (I used venison…again)
– 0.25 cup drained Red Gold petite diced tomatoes
– 0.5 cup Red Gold tomato sauce
– sprinkling of onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and black pepper
– dash of red pepper flakes
– 0.5 cup ricotta cheese
– 1 egg
– shredded mozzarella cheese


1. In a medium pan brown the ground meat and then add the tomatoes, onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and pepper. Allow this mixture to simmer for about 15 minutes.

2. Mix the ricotta cheese and egg together until evenly combined.

3. Generously spray six muffin tins with non-stick spray. Line the six muffin tins with one wonton wrapper.

4. Put down a layer of the ricotta mixture and then two large spoons of the meat sauce. Add a thin layer of shredded cheese. This is the first layer of your mini lasagna!


5. Lightly press a wonton wrapper over the top layer. Add on the second layer – ricotta, meat sauce, shredded cheese.

6. Bake in a 375 degree over for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese is started to brown.

7. Carefully remove the lasagna muffins from the tin and indulge yourself!


OVERALL…First, these are really cute – Chris even said so. They taste like lasagna and the wonton wrappers add a little something, making you feel all high class and such while you eat them. Yay, I know, it doesn’t take much for me to feel high class!

However, Chris did so far as to say that he prefers noodles in his lasagna! Of course, he is the guy that will agree to go to a chinese buffet and eat only sweet and sour chicken and french fries…just to put that comment in perspective!

Oh, and if you’d like to see some photos that really make these petite lasagnas look good I recommend you head over to Can You Stay for Dinner?. She is quite obviously a better food photographer (and better chef) than I am!


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