Guess what…?!

I have exciting news…it is almost the weekend!

It has been a long week. I haven’t been busy, I haven’t had extra stress at work, I haven’t gotten a lot of miles it….but even so, the week felt so stinking long! I am ready for Saturday. No alarm (for me at least…), no agenda (aside from a 12 miler…), no work (in the office anyway…).

Okay, it seems pretty obvious that I have lots of plans for the weekend, but none of it involves getting up, getting dressed and driving to the office. That is what matters!

I spent my morning cleaning out my closet so there was no run. Whoops, but to make up for the missed run I went to the Y on my lunch for NROLFW, S1WBD6. My arms hurt…

However, I did manage to figure out exactly what I have not worn during my 31days:31outfits challenge. Umm…I have too.many.clothes. Seriously. I do. I have worn a different outfit every day for twenty-eight days and I can probably make it another 15 days at least with what is in my closet. Good grief!

There are only two days left in the the challenge…and tomorrow is “casual Friday” at work. Oiy! I am going to be giving away clothes I do NOT want to give away! Uh oh…frick you internet abyss accountability!

Chris was my photographer again today and of course Fred had to get in on it all. Honestly, I have a furry child – it is pathetic!


Meow…or should I say… “pew, pew lazers!”


31days:31outfits….Day 29

– grey tights/black tights
– black eyelet flower skirt (Heart Soul? Bought at Savers)
– red tank (Scheels)
– white v-neck (Love to Love)
– black sweater (Merona…only $3!)
– black flats (American Eagle)

Are you super excited for the weekend? Any super fun plans, or better yet, long runs? I am finishing our taxes, cleaning, doing laundry and getting in a 12-miler…hopefully in the beautiful 30 degrees expected on Sunday!


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  1. Love the skirt! I think I would happily borrow nearly all your skirts if I could :-)

    I also have 12 miles on my agenda. I’ll probably be doing them first thing Saturday. It seems like my long runs just don’t happen or I run out of time and cut them short if I don’t fo them first thing. Hope the weather is gorgeous for you on Sunday!

    • Aww, thanks! I’ve come to love skirts!

      Hope you had a good, solid 12-miler this morning! I’m still crossing my fingers for the weather – the fact my mom is coming to bike is going to force me into – a good thing I suppose! :)

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