Wannabe BondiBands [aka, Bolder Bands]

I may or may not have an obsession…with BondiBands [recently renamed to Bolder Bands!]. I love them. I have a ton of them and wear them all the freaking time. I also have a lot of photos of myself…with a Bolder Band pushed up on my head.

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband

I like to blame random urges on my “multiple personalities”. Well, the other day Creative Cassie took charge and I whipped up some copy cat headbands.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Bolder Bands and have no qualms spending $5 to $8 for one. However, I am really bad at doing laundry and regularly forget to keep my Bolder Bands out of the dryer…my dryer is not nice to Bolder Bands!

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband

This morning my mom sent me a text asking where she could get her hand on another Bolder Band – I gave her a “Super Mom” one a while back. I told her I’d get creative, save her a few bucks and get creative enough to make on for her. I was going to go shopping but then I realized I have a fabric made of stretchy material that would work great. Repurposing at its finest.

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband
…before & after…

 The first thing I did was rip apart one of the Bolder Bands my dryer tried to eat…

How to Make Your Own Headband

From there I took a few measurements – 19” x 4”. Next I started chopping up the poor, unloved skirt I was sacrificing.

How to Make Your Own Headband

The sewing part was actually really easy. I just sewed the edges together like so…

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband

The finish it up I folded the outside edges inward twice and stitched along the seam…

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband


It really is that easy! And now, just to prove that this copy cat headband did turn out almost identical to the original lets compare!

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband
…my version vs the legit version…

Pretty similar, right?! I mean, if I didn’t tell you which was which, could you tell? Not really. Now, I will admit. This copycat version is not perfect – the material is a little off. The skirt material is less stretchy than the original Bolder Band material and I should have taken that into consideration before committing with a scissor and sewing machine!

How to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own HeadbandHow to Make Your Own Headband
…Bolder Band = 13”…Skirt Band = 11.5”…Flowery Band = 15”…

I even let Creative Cassie mix it up a bit and made two headbands that were only 2” wide, rather than 4” wide.

How to Make Your Own Headband

I think I might like the 2” version better – especially for upcoming summer runs. Come summer I need to be extra careful about the headboard being behind my hairline or I’ll end up with some pretty funky tan lines!

After a trip to Hancock Fabrics and another bag of material this is what I came up with…

How to Make Your Own Headband

I purchased swimsuit like material. It was very similar to the Fashion Lycra headbands – lighter, stretchier and not quite as wicky. I personally prefer the Heavy Sweat Wicking headbands but have not yet found the right material to replicate them.

I’ve worn a few different variations of the Wannabe Bolder Bands I created for running and spinning. They stay in place as well as any legit Bolder Band I’ve owned. Just for fun I sent a few pair to my mom for her trip to Costa Rica – there will be no sweat dripping into her eyeball while on vacation!


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  1. That is a great idea. I’ve been wanting a bondi band but the price always stops me.
    Also, just have to tell you, I read this post then pulled up the bondi band webpage and down where they scroll Tweets about the company was your tweet for this post, lol.

    • They are amazing headbands, I can’t deny that. But once I realized just how easy they are to make on my own the price does hurt a bit.

      That twitter placement is pretty ironic! I had to go check it out…:)

  2. Wow; you’ve got somecreative talent there dear! I like your polka-dotted version. I keep meaning to actually to actually buy one if these magical bands, but they always look so wide I’m afraid they’d drive me nuts. Apparently you highly recommend them? :-)

    • I love them. I think the solid colors or ones with sayings are better quality. The cute ones are, well, cute, but the material they come in isn’t as great. The width is great for winter running – they keep my ears from falling off!

  3. I was looking for a way to make my own bands and I found one. That is Awesome!! I knew their was an easy way to create your own. What material did you use to make it? Was it just the lycra from the fabric store or another material? I love sewing up headbands so these would be even better.

    • Definitely try to make these…super easy and worth it!

      I used a 80% nylon, 20% spandex blend I found at Hancock Fabrics for the purple, black and flowered one. It stretches more than the regular bondi band so I needed to make it a bit short (maybe 17-18 inches instead of 19). I’m going to head over the JoAnn’s one of these days to see what they have for material.

        • It is *almost* swimsuit material…but not quite. I can’t figure out what the actual Bondi Band is made from. Also, the skirt I used to make the headbands was 90% polyester, 10% spandex – not quite as stretchy!

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  5. Awesome….believe it or not I googled bondibands and ended up here. LOL Been hoping to find a deal and today I honestly wondered if I could just make one! However, since I sweat profusely and run in high hot temps I’ll probably shell out the $8 until I can come across some actual wicking fabric or something. If you find any, let us know please! :)

    • I was really struggling to find a good wicking material too – which is why I ended up with more of a swimwear material. I’m still on the look – I will definitely post more details if I come across anything!

  6. I know that the “pretty” BondiBands are swimsuit material — more than once I’ve been at the pool and seen little girls wearing swimsuits that match my band. Always makes me chuckle.

    Came here from Pinterest — I’m a total Bondi addict (I own an embarrassing number of these suckers!) but now I think I’ll have to dust off my sewing machine and hack into some swimsuits I was planning on tossing…thanks for the inspiration!

    • You are welcome! Its such a simple process..and totally feeds my addiction!

      My only tip – if you happen to use the solid colors for a pattern be sure to make the swim suit material ones a little smaller, it stretches more. Learned that the hard way. Good luck and let me know they turn out! :)

  7. This is totally awesome! I bought a bondi band this sat at the Shape Diva Dash, but since I know how to sew and tend to be crafty, I only bought the one that said I Thought They Said RUM! cause I knew I could totally make some cute ones of my own if I found the right fabric!

    • Glad you’re putting this to use! I’m still using the ones I made, if you get the right fabric they hold up! My favorite says “wanna race?” with a turtle on it! Have fun with your crafting and running!

  8. Is it just one continuous piece? 19″x4″? if there are more pieces would you post the measurement for each piece please?

  9. Bolder bands came up as something I might possibly be interested in on my facebook page. But no way was I going to pay any of their prices. After going back to the page numerous times I had almost decided to buy one just to see how to make it. I can sew, figured it would not be too hard. I have trouble with headbands bought at the store, never have they fit my head. I just wanted one. But again,, I can sew. So I went to Hancock fabrics looking for stretchy material, bought some and low and behold have my own bolder headband. I went 6 inches for what I bought. Used the method of wrapping it around my neck, couldn’t find a tape measure. Once around works. Used my fingers to pinch it so I would know where to cut. I did let go of the end to let it loose, so the fabric could hang to make the cut but kept my fingers in place on fabric. Didn’t want to cut my neck. Then you just sew the ends together. It was that simple. The stuff I picked out ended up costing $2.50, for 6 inches wide. Don’t remeber the length, but I ended up with 3 or 4 bands outs if the material. So for every 20 bucks bolder bands sells their for, I bought my fabric for $2.50, and got for sure 3 bands out of the material. I decided 2.50 verses 60,, I like my$2.50 spent. And it fits awesome!!!

    • If you’re willing to put the time and effort into making your own headband it’s an awesome deal! Plus, you get to feel cool when people ask about them and your response is “I made it!”.

    • Unfortunately I never did find the perfect fabric. However, it did help to go to a fabric store and touch/stretch all the fabric available to find what felt the best. Let me know if you find anything that works well and I’ll update the post!

  10. Hi! I bought a similar headband for $15 and I really like it, but I just couldn’t shell out the money knowing I could make one for next to nothing. I ended up using a swimsuit fabric and it is working great! Thanks for the tips on how to put them together!

  11. Hi! These look great! I recently started making infinity scarves out of jersey material but having a hard time know which stitch to use on my sewing mating to allow a good stretch in the finished product. Do you have a certain setting or certain needle you use? Thanks!

    • Oooh, I believe I used simple zig-zag? It’s been a few years since I’ve worked with this material and my memory is failing me! I shot a friend an message — she sews with jersey more often than I do. If she replies with a different answer I’ll reply here, again. :)

  12. Hi just wondering what thread you used? With all the sweat and stretchy material just wondering if the reg thread hold up well. Thank you so much

    • Hey Holly – I used a standard thread, nothing special. I haven’t had any issues with it tearing the material or breaking. Just leave enough give in the stretchy material to avoid putting too much pressure on the thread/needle holes!

  13. I need to make my daughter some of these. She and i both havet rouble keeping wrap around head bands on our head. What fabric would you suggest using to make some? She plays basketball (and wearsglasses).

  14. Have you ever put iron-on letters on a band? I want to do a Star Wars quote for my races at WDW in April. I have the backs of race t-shirts (scraps from a lap quilt) and a Cricut…

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