Get Lucky 7K–Race Recap

After all my pouting about not being able to run the Get Lucky Half Marathon I did have fun at the 7K. Better short than nothing, right?

I ran the Get Lucky 7K with my cousin, Danelle, and friend, Amy. A part of me knew I hadn’t been running for almost three weeks so I shouldn’t be too helpful. Another part of me really hoped for an awesome race…I mean, the forecast gave me hope!

Danelle and I drove over to Minneapolis on Saturday morning so we were up bright and early. We stuffed our faces with peanut butter, cheerios and chocolate chips for some race fuel. Once we got to the race start we met up with Amy and got in some mandatory pre-race photos!

The crazy excited person pose…a necessity for a good race!

Let’s do this!

After a pit stop at the porta-potties we got lined up for the race. There were TONS of people. Probably about twice as many as last year…more than I expected (3668 women/1409 men). Team Ortho did have big banners marking the pace sections but as soon as we crossed the start line it became painfully obvious that very few people actually paid attention to the banners.

We lined up just behind the 9 minute/mile banner – a pace Danelle and I knew we could maintain. I spent the ENTIRE RACE slowing down, weaving around and mentally throat punching walkers. Yeah, I had a lot of mental anguish going on during this race!

But the grouch in me helped me out…I had a pretty speedy race and I am positive I could have PR’ed if people would have paid attention to the stupid pace banners!

My splits looked like this…

Mile 1 – 9:04
Mile 2 – 9:04
Mile 3 – 8:50
Mile 4 – 8:51
Mile 0.39 – 8:13

Overall Time: 39:05
Average Pace: 8:53

Not bad. Like I said, I know that I could have ran faster if I wasn’t spending so much time slowing down for the 4-6 across walkers. There was also a stretch of about a half more or so that was all cobblestone. Not fun at all! I almost face planted twice!

Last year I ran this race with Amy and my brother Gary…2010 Get Lucky 7K race recap and photos. I was faster last year (38:38) but not by much, I guess I can be happy that I didn’t get too much slower…right?!

After the race we grabbed some food (only chips, animal crackers and a banana…no cookies, bagels or race rolls) and headed back to the car. We had a lunch date with another friend at the Loring Pasta Bar so we had to do a quick wardrobe change in my itty bitty plastic Saturn. It wore us out…


Really, have you ever done a complete wardrobe change in the seat of a tiny car? Yeah, not easy. We were sleepy and needed our post-race carb load!

Now, we managed to keep ourselves busy the rest of the day, but it was boring normal people stuff, you know, like…

– an almost-accident with a shiny black Escalade…
– a pit stop at IKEA for entertainment purposes, bamboo and vases
– a trip into the Mall of America just for a re-fueling of Caribou Coffee
– another stop at PetSmart to gaze at kittens
– another wander through Ashley Furniture to gaze at overpriced furniture
– dinner at Famous Dave’s…yum!
– a night of solid sleep, the kind where you roll over an realize you arm is asleep!

Yeah, we had a big Saturday!

Overall the 7K was a well organized and I can’t say I was disappointed in any specific part of it, I’m just not super proud of Team Ortho. I don’t feel like I can confidently recommend Team Ortho races to other runners, which is sad.

I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again next year, mainly because Team Ortho’s standards have been dropping. It is a bummer because they were getting to be known as a great organization to run for. The swag, post race treats and organization aren’t as great as they used to be.

For example, last year Team Ortho had great race swag…a perfectly fitting grey hoodie. I love it, I wear it all the time. This year the race swag was a black zip up hoodie. I had high hopes – I mean, last year’s hoodie was awesome.

I was disappointed. The hoodie was at least made it good material but the sleeves were far too short for my monkey arms.


I got a size small…and it was still huge. I’m trying to show the sizing issue here – my fingers stop where my waist is – so there is about an extra 3-4 inches on either side. Way too big!


The screen prints on the hoodie are nice, the material is nice…but the stupid thing does not fit. Bummer. It went home with Danelle…she comes from a family without long monkey arms!

But…the GOOD NEWS…my foot doesn’t hurt at all! I ran a relatively fast 4 miles and my foot doesn’t hurt! This means I am back on track for half marathon training…for the next half marathon on my list. Boom! Shazam! Hazzah!

I’m off to sketch out my training schedule for the next month – the next half marathon on my list is the Eau Claire Half Marathon on May 1st…about five weeks to go!

I know we had a lot of people racing this weekend….how did you do?!


Get Lucky 7K–Race Recap — 12 Comments

  1. Great race! So glad your foot did not hurt! Well even though the sweatshirt didn’t fit that’s still way better than anything they give away at any race I’ve run.

    I’m working on my recap now.

  2. Sounds like a fun race!! Nice job maintaing a decent pace in spite of the traffics jams on the course. Also great to hear your foot is feeling good. :-)

  3. Glad the race went well and that you were pain-free!

    Gotta say, though, not a fan of the sweatshirt now that I’ve been seeing it in people’s pictures. Glad I didn’t take the day off of work and try and do the race just for that! Hoping the Monster Dash swag will be as good as it was last year!

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