Monday Meal Planning

Once again I’ve managed to go two weeks without any “real” grocery shopping! Yeah, I had to stop to pick up milk and such, but nothing extensive. We (er, I?) have been really focusing on emptying out the freezer…so basically, there has been a lot of ground benison in the menu!

Last Week’s Low Down

Three Main Dishes:
1. Benison Burgers – as seen here – made on Monday
2. Ranch Chicken Strips – not recipe worthy – made on Wednesday, but not that great…
3. Ravioli with Pesto (and tomato sauce for Chris) – tomato sauce recipe – made on Friday, the ravioli was bought frozen and the tomato sauce was made with benison


Two Side Dishes:
1. Mashed Potatoes – as seen here – made on Monday
2. Focaccia Breadsticks – recipe – made on Friday & Sunday, I made a half batch Friday and kept the dough in the fridge until Sunday for the second batch


One Extra Something:
1. Layered Bars – recipe – made on Tuesday for work, forgot them in the fridge and finally took them to work on Thursday.
2. Bacon Parmesan Cornmeal Pancakes – as seen here – made on Sunday, used as leftover for odd lunch combos



This Week’s Happenings

Three Main Dishes:
1. Baked Pasta – Red Gold Tomato Recipe Book
2. Roasted Chickpea Tacos – as seen here
3. Shrimp & Snow Pea Stir Fry – I’m winging it based upon a few different recipes

Two Side Dishes:

1. Some sort of bread from scratch – still looking for recipe, but I found my bread flour in my cupboard and want to use it!
2. Cheese Curds – I’m winging this too…courtesy of Google!

One Extra Something:
1. Peanut Butter Reese’s Cups – as seen here

Yeah…there is going to be some winging it this week but I’m feeling pretty good. Last week I didn’t exactly try anything new so I’m going all out this week. I asked Chris what his suggestion was – he said “cheese curds!”, then changed his mind. Erm, nope. He planted the seed – I am up for the challenge.

Oh, and any suggestions on simple-ish recipes that use bread flour?! I need help there!


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    • Thanks! Just make sure you come over on a day when I’m making something on the list…otherwise you might get stuck with something not-so-great! Last night just plain old brats on the grill!

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