Goose Poop Island

Workout Wanda: I went on a 3.5 mile walk with my mom.

My mom was in town to get her oil changed so she was hanging out on my patio when I got off work this afternoon. Oh, and I got off work early again today! I love having random vacation time to blow before my last day of employment…

Considering we finally had more than one beautiful spring day in a row we were basically required to spend our time outside. My mom and I headed out for a walk. I wanted to show off Northwest Park so we headed out in that direction.

We are never low on things to talk about (just ask Chris…), especially when we got to walk by all of the landmarks associated with my full blown melt down. I spent most of the time explaining to my mother that I am perfectly normal for breaking down…I mean, I did fess up to the insanity of the situation. That counts for something, right?!



After trekking through Northwest Park we meandered along paved bike trails until we arrived at Goose Poop Island. Technically this island is named Riverview Island, but Chris and I renamed it Goose Poop Island…it is definitely more appropriate! The place is covered in goose poop, I’m not even kidding!

We (er, I?) were seriously considering using this place as a location for our outdoor wedding ceremony…until we visited it and tip toed around goose poop. Before long we had planned a “destination” wedding in Colorado. I guess it’s all working out…we are finally beginning our move to Colorado!

Once we arrived at Goose Poop Island my mom got ahold of the pretty new camera and this is what happened…

I’m a runner chick…even when I’m walking about!

I’m just a bump on a log… {har dee har har}

“Sit up straight!”

We called Chris and convinced him to come pick us up. We are not lazy…it was another 3.5 miles uphill to get back home and we were hungry. Eventually we ended up in a restaurant with delicious food in front of us…a day well ended! Thanks Mom!


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  1. your welcome I am going to miss these times but maybe just maybe I will come to Clocrado and take you both out ot eat too!!

  2. Sounds like a nice afternoon with your Mom. Geese are nasty things. I used to run by some before we moved. They always acted like they were going to chase after me. AH!

    • And their poop is freaking huge! Ick. Luckily there weren’t any actual geese on the island this time. The first time we were out there we saw a gaggle of ugly ducklings!

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