At least they can ID me…

Workout Wanda: A short 1.5 mile run. Rather unimpressive and not exciting…

My run today was a little short and it really is my own fault. Actually, its kind of my “fault” but it is also kind of planned out. I’m basically starting from scratch with running, so short runs are okay. Even really short runs are okay. Right?!


Besides, I had to get my butt home so I could sit around and wait for the cable people to show up and fix our half broken internet! My favorite thing ever…two hour block scheduled appointments!


This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream to a really annoying beeping. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about but I remember that ‘dream me” was not happy about the interruption. I woke up just enough to roll out of bed, stumble across the room and turn off the cellphone alarm.


My plan was to get up and go running…but we all know that I am super predictable (not dependable, just predictable!) and managed to fall back asleep. I wasn’t exactly tired but I didn’t want to get up, so I just laid in bed and before I knew it I was back to dreamland.

This time around I remember my dreams. When I fail to get up with my alarm and opt for more shut eye I always end up sleeping restlessly with random dreams. Random dreams that don’t make sense but I still manage to remember them!


This morning I was dreaming about running races. About six different races in the same dream. It started out as a 5K road race and I was running across a rickety bridge. Then it switched over to a mud race where I was struggling to get up an extremely slick and muddy hill. There was also some very steep downhill where I tried out all sorts of different techniques (long strides, tiny strides, stumbling, etc). I never got to the end of my messed up race, thanks to the ringing phone…but I’m pretty sure I won. Duh!


Speaking of races…last night Chris told me sign up for a race! Racing was one of the things I decided to give up so save money for our move to Colorado so my last race was a 7K in March. Because I don’t have a race on the calendar I haven’t been doing any consistent training…just running whenever I want. My distance and pace have been dwindling away.


Chris said I need to sign up for a race so I have something to train for, something to yammer on and on about, something to get me out of bed early in the morning, something to keep me moving forward…faster. And just maybe so I do something besides sit on the couch…just maybe!

I think he is right. I need a race. Something. Anything. Actually, not anything, I’d like something longer than an overpriced 5K. But I’m not finding anything that is screaming my name. I live in a big city for crying out loud, where are all the races?!


I spent some quality time searching the internet last night and I could not find a Halloween race that is longer than a 5K. Huh? Back in Wisconsin I had to pick which Halloween race to run, now I have none to choose from. I wish Team Ortho didn’t screw up last years Monster Dash and then the Get Lucky race this yearI’d be tempted to head home for the race if I knew it would go well!

Where do you find races?
In the Denver area…any suggestions for races?

By the way…we are now proud owners of Road ID’s! They arrived in the mail while we were roaming around Wisconsin and I immediately attached mine to my shoe. Now if I get lost and deliriously stupid{er} people will know who to call. Or, more importantly, if anything happens to me while I am out running people can at least ID me and call the right people!


I finally decided that I needed a RoadID, especially considering I have been running in unfamiliar areas where all sorts of critters might get me! Besides, I found a $15 coupon that I got at the Twin Cities Marathon back in 2009…the things you find when you move!

I have four coupon codes for $1 off a RoadID order…email or comment if you are interested. It’s only $1, but hey, it’s a discount!


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  1. lol, you are silly! :) But, yes, Chris is genius by registering you for a race and set your mind to something! That’s too bad you’re having a hard time finding races out there.. I thought CO was the place to go for runners!

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