Hike a Bike {+ giveaway!}

Workout Wanda: A 13.31 mile mountain bike trek around Buffalo Creek.


I did not have to work today…yay! Totally made my entire weekend better! We finished up The Office yesterday so today we headed back outside to do more exploring. I wanted to go trekking around some national forests but was struggling to find any information on specific trails so we ended up down at Buffalo Creek again.


Since we have visited this cluster of trails more often than any other in Colorado we decided to try out something new…which required a longer ride. At least we had an actual trail map this time so no photographing the map!


The route we ended up on took us uphil…for about six freaking miles! Not kidding! My bike is having issues with down shifting. It shifts, but it gives me all kinds of attitude in the process. Not the end of the world when on semi-flat trails but not even a little bit fun when you are headed uphill!


Needless to say I spent some quality time hiking my bike up the steeper inclines. Some areas were full of loose rocks and the bike hiking was even difficult! We would get to an area where the hill leveled off a bit and Chris would say “Oh, it can’t get much higher than this!”.

He was never right – we were surrounded by foothills that stretching upward – as soon as we rounded the next bend we came face to face with yet another steep incline. I was ornery…so Chris stopped near this rock and suggested I climb it…

What out America’s Next Top Model…here I come! Or not…

Eventually we made it to the top of the never ending incline and started our decent. I don’t exactly love downhills – because I am obsessively controlling and need complete control over my speedy – but after such a long climb I was happy for a chance to just coast!


The best part about starting a ride out going uphill is the finish. We literally coasted back down to the car! I think I pedaled like 10 times…best end to a ride ever!


This is the same general area that we encountered the people decked out in orange with guns strapped on their backs. But today I was prepared. I don’t have any blaze orange but I have a nice neon green shirt that I put to use. No excuse to shot in my direction…unless you are after slow moving objects in obnoxious colors!


Ignore the droopy eyes…I was tired and hungry! Nothing like a long ride to make a belly feel empty! We strapped the bikes on, dug into our bag of snacks and then headed to the grocery store! Yeah, the grocery store, while hungry. Best idea ever, NOT! It’s all good…we made a list for and totally didn’t break the bank!

And because I’m an super awesome wife I put some serious work into making dinner. I mean, I did have to walk back across the grocery store to pick up the hotdogs, that counts right?!

Popcorn & Pigs in a Blanket!

Right now I am flopped out on the couch trying to decide if I should shower before bed or just wash the sheets tomorrow. I really am that dirty and dusty…and that lazy!


Don’t worry, I said lazy, not forgetful. I did not forget the giveaway I mentioned yesterday! Last week a pretty little package arrived in the mail…from BondiBand! They sent me two pretty new headbands – to give away to run.around.aroo readers!

DSC01802   DSC01909

Well, technically they gave me one to try out and one to give away but with my extra day away from the office I am feeling a little extra generous…both of them are up for grabs!

DSC03220  DSC03319

I love BondiBands and I wear them all the time! I think I have about 10 different ones hanging out in my running sock/headband drawer and I very rarely run without one. I wear them year round – they do an awesome job of keeping sweat out of my face in the summer and keeping my ears from freezing off in the winter! Their versatility is amazing. Each band is about three inches wide but they can easily be scrunched down or folded up without feeling {or looking} ridiculous! Also…I am one of those girls who always has wings of hair floating around by my ears – drive me crazy – but the BondiBand headbands do a pretty great job of keeping the wings under control!

DSC03490  DSC03997  DSC02930

My only concern with BondiBands is that in the summer I have to make sure they stay above my hairline – the last thing I want is a random tan line right across the middle of my forehead! Through trial and error I have come to learn that the solid colors or saying headbands are made of the best material. The bands with fancier designs are made from a more swimsuit-like material and don’t hold up that great after a lot of runs – the edges start to curl up.

IMAG0189  IMAG0235  DSC01718

But, seriously, I love these headbands…if you can’t tell that by all the photos I have of myself wearing them. I love them so much I even attempted to replicate them! I have the method down {courtesy of the dryer that tried to eat a headband!} but have no idea where to get my hands on the good, thicker material that makes up the not-so-swimsuit-like headband. I guess I’ll just have to keep buying my own!

If you haven’t already given them a try you should! They fit my head and don’t *ever* slide around. They can be wiggled around to be a skinny headband or a full on ear warming headband. And…most importantly, they won’t break the bank! Mostly because if you ate your Lucky Charms this morning you just might win one!


Since there are two headbands up for grabs there will be two winners. There are three ways to enter and the winner will be chosen at random when I get home from work on Friday, September 9th. Good luck!

1. Leave a comment about your experience with BondiBand or any other headband. Do you wear headbands when running/working out? What would you recommend? {mandatory +1}

2. Follow me on Twitter @runaroundaroo and leave a comment! {+1}

3. Flaunt this giveway somewhere out on the interwebz – blog, Twitter, FB, whatever – and leave a comment with a link! {+1 for each}

And now I really am off to bed…or maybe the shower. I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see. There is something very hardcore about basking {and then sleeping} in my own stench and filth!

Happy Labor Day!


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  1. Fun way to spend part of labor day wknd! I don’t wear headbands a lot for exercise because it seems like all the little thin ones I have start giving me headaches after awhile. I’d love to try one of these sometime!
    Lisa recently posted..Moo-ving InMy Profile

  2. First off, I LOVE the Buffalo Creek trail. It’s an awesome place to mountain bike or trail run cuz it’s not as steep as some places. We were going to head out there on Sunday, but decided to do the Pine Valley Open Space ride instead. FUN.

    I’ve never worn the bondi bands, I am a visor girl, but I would love to try the headbands!

  3. I absolutely LOVE bondi bands! I have them in two different colors but definitely do not have enough since I need them five plus times a week!

  4. Hi! Unfortunately, I have never used Bondi Bands, just the thin, cheapo ones that stretch out way too easily. Maybe this is the answer?!? I wear a headband literally everyday to work out in and this just might work!

  5. I have never tried a headband, but now that I’m getting into running, and dislike my hair in my face, I’ve been wondering which ones to try.

  6. Fun giveaway Heidi Nicole!!

    I definitely sport the wings.. it’s awful! i would love to try a BondiBand! I alwaysss wear a headband in the winter time. I actually wanted to wear a headband the other day on my run to control the wings lol but it kept sliding off so I didn’t bother.

  7. I’ve never had a BondiBand, but I really, really want to try them! I sweat like crazy when I run, and anything that would keep it out of my eyes sounds fabulous to me! The pink one is so cute. :)

    P.S. I followed you on Twitter!

  8. I would love to win one for my daughter, she is a runner and like you doesn’t live any where near her momma :( It would be a great gift – a just for the heck of it gift!

  9. I need a headband so much for when I am running.. These dang bangs are causing sweat to run all over my face.. Sheer blindness without one!!

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