Fighting the Pre-Race Nerves!

Workout Wanda: A morning run of 3 miles with an average pace of 9:48…much slower and harder than I had expected – not the ego trip I wanted the day before my first race in eons!


Tonight is the night before my first race in months and I’m far more nervous than I should be! I have no reason to be sure a wreck about this – it’s a 10K. I’ve run plenty of 10K’s and my long run this week is actually 8 miles, not just 6.2. I’m still getting myself a worked up!

At approximately 8am tomorrow morning I will be running the Panerathon 10K in Westminster. Chris found this race online and sent me a link saying “this race was made for you!”. And he was right…a 10K for only $25 followed up by free Panera, yes please!

We headed up to Panera to pick up my packet this morning with the plan to nom nom on lunch while we were there but they were crazy busy. So rather than wait and fight for a table we headed down the road to check out the Macaroni Grill. And my carb loading began…

My Penne Rustica and Chris’s Mom’s Spaghetti & Meatballs

I kind of like the feel of the Macaroni Grill – almost like a combination of Olive Garden and Garfield’s! At first glance it looks all fancy and such, then you realize the table clothes are really white paper that comes with crayons! Yes, I scribbled a bit…

Once we got home I started in on one of the things I do when I’m nervous – cleaning! I scrubbed down the bathroom, cleaning up Fred’s entire bathroom area, did laundry and vacuumed {much to napping Chris’s annoyance!}. Then I headed out for a little retail therapy!

First  hit up Kohl’s to spend the $10 gift card that showed up in the mail…as long as they send them I will be forced to spend them, its what I do! Up next was Target where I wandered around, tried on about six dresses {all of which were made for a girl with a much larger chest than me…} and found the cutest bread ever…

Yes…they sandwich thins are goldfish shaped!

I also came across the Better Oats that Rachel so eloquently described a few days ago! I saw them, giggled and tossed a box in my cart! How could I not?! Oh, and I opted for the Abundance box with plans to come back for the Lavish box!


And just to make sure I was still thinking about the race tomorrow morning I put my race swag to good use! Yes, my Panerathon race swag included a reusable bag…I love me a good reusable bag! And it fit all of next weeks groceries except the bread! I was impressed!


My beloved alarm will be going off at 5:30am and I will be cursing the existence of sunlight! I am planning on heading up to the race start/finish early so I can cover 2 miles before the race to get my full 8 miles in before the end of the day. Chris is planning on coming along as the super awesome husband/spectator dude. And as long as it isn’t raining we will be headed out to Buffalo Creek right after my race and Panera indulgence!


Now off to bed I go…my clothes are ready and waiting for me to leap out of bed, shove food down my gullet and run my little heart out! Wish me luck!


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