A very snowy race…

Workout Wanda: Hardest 10 mile race ever! Total of 10.11 miles with a pace of 11:02. I ended up with a final time of 1:50:49, not bad with the conditions!


Turns out I needlessly worried about rain. Instead we got snow. More snow than I’ve ever seen in the first week of October! When we left the house it wasn’t snowing but by the time we got half way to the race in Highlands Ranch it was snowing…a lot. And worse, it was sticking to the ground.

…seriously?! I’m doing this?!

I was so freaking close to picking up my hoodies and heading home. I felt a little guilty about that so I talked myself into at least running the first part and potentially bailing out at the 5 mile turn around.


Ultimately I made it the full 10 miles but it wasn’t easy. It definitely made me feel seriously hardcore when I finished! I’ll be back with more deets later – I have some very tired legs to rest up and somehow that means I can’t type or think either…


A very snowy race… — 7 Comments

  1. Welcome to CO lady! Be ready for snow 12 out of 12 months a year. you just never know. on the other hand i will say you are a BAMF! I would have cried and complained the whole time. and while i was reading this i made the committment to run more outside during this winter! great job lady

    • I’ve heard that along with an insane amount of snow Colorado is also blessed with randomly mild winter days – that I am excited for! The worst part of winter running is the trail/pavement conditions – I can dress for cold but even on a perfectly clear day I can trip over my own feet, I don’t need ice to help me along! 😉

    • I’m used to anxiously awaiting snow in late December…hoping for a white Christmas. I was completely unprepared for this much snow the first week in October…and I’m used to snow, or at least I thought I was!

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