Snowy Sunshine!

Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: Simply 2.A.3 – yup, I totally skipped it on Monday!
Thursday’s Workout Wanda: Headed out with Chris – 1 mile walk, 1 mile run!

Once again our Tuesday went out with snow and I woke up to a blanket of snow covering everything in site on Wednesday morning. The temps dropped down into the teens but I swear 19* in Wisconsin is much colder than 19* in Colorado! Maybe something to do with the fact that the sun is always out and shining bright here in Colorado!


I had nothing big planned so I spent the snowy day in the house. I really should have gone for a run but without a race to train for my lazy streak is just screaming at me and I listened! Although I did eventually convince myself to make the trek across the apartment complex to get my lift on!


Since I’m used to the frigid cold of Wisconsin I totally over dressed for my outside wander and I felt a bit like a big scary black blob…although I’m really not that scary. After a week off from lifting the 20lb weights felt like 100lb sacks of grain – definitely not all that scary!

This morning we headed out for a walk along our usual running trail in search of Stranger Cat and winterized prairie dogs. Being Colorado newbies we had to go check out the lives of prairie dogs in the snow…


Turns out their lives don’t really change all that much. Of course it was about 40* when we were roaming around so it wasn’t exactly extreme winter conditions. We are total tourists and far too entertained by the prairie dogs running around in the snow!


They stayed close to home and had real attitudes…but they had no fear! Chris carefully crafted a snowball and lobbed it toward one hitting the ground about a foot away from the prairie dog. All the prairie dog did was give us the side eye – fearless little turd!

Clear skies, sun, snow…

I think this is proof that prairie dog hunting in the city would be easier than playing wack-a-mole! Not that I want to go on a prairie dog killing binge…I’m just saying!

In other news…Keystone opens at 9am tomorrow and we will be there! Our snowboards are hanging out in the living room and I have mentally dressed myself about six times. I’m pretty sure I’m ready for this and at the very least I have a season pass to put to use!


Although I can promise you I’ll be hurting on Saturday, I’m a klutz like that. And Fred wants to come along…or at least be hugged more. *eye roll*

Any snow in your area? Or is it just rain? Or better yet…sunshine?!
Any big outside plans for your weekend?


Snowy Sunshine! — 8 Comments

  1. I am so excited to hear about your first day up the mountain!! Since I have the Copper/WP pass, I can’t go until they open…but I’m counting the days!!

    PS You make me laugh so hard with the prairie dogs!!! Those dirty critters are everywhere!! Tals always tries to stick her head down the hole and she ends up with fleas. YUCK!
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..In Honor of This Glorious Snow…My Profile

  2. I agree that the cold temps feel worse in MN/WI than they do out here – I think it’s the humidity that makes it feel worse. Last year, I went running when it was 5 degrees outside (granted, only for a mile and a half) but there is no way I would do that in MN. Have fun snowboarding!
    Kathy recently posted..Learning to Rely on God – Part OneMy Profile

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