Opening Day!

Workout Wanda: About 5 miles of snowboarding…10 miles if you count the lift up!

This morning we drug ourselves out of bed and piled on the layers, topping off our outfits with Carhartt covies, blaze orange jackets and a blaze orange hat because it is opening day!

{circa 2000?}
I’m obviously the girl, second from the left…and that mass in my hand? It’s the deer’s heart. Definitely showing off my farm girl ways! It got me a ton of extra credit points in science class – we did a dissection and turns out this deer had heart worms! Sounds gross but it was pretty interesting to see inside a heart! I think someone else brought in a liver. Welcome to small town Wisconsin! But I should say, I wasn’t the one responsible for getting the deer…even after hunter safety classes and attempted target practice my aim is horrible! Worse than SkinnyRunner out pheasant hunting!

Okay, just kidding…about the outfit! It really is opening day but the blaze orange is only required for the Wisconsin-eske opening day I’m used to – deer hunting! Today was opening day at Keystone and you better believe we were there!

Although our drive up to Keystone took eons. Seriously, eons! Apparently there was a flaming semi near Georgetown early this morning and we had the pleasure of sitting in traffic…for almost 4 hours! Yes, the drive that usually takes 1 hour took us 3 hours and 45 minutes!

And during that four our trip the most exciting thing?! Big horned sheep and the searing pain of an overflowing bladder! There were no exits between the start of the back up and the Georgetown exit…that is about 7 miles. It took us 2 hours to cover that distance and my bladder almost exploded!

Do you see the big horn sheep!?

I was so jealous of the random people that pulled over and let the suffering passengers get out to pee! I begged Chris to let me follow suit but he told me that he might pull over but he wouldn’t be there when I got back. I made it to the Georgetown exit and rushed to the bathroom where the topic of choice was “omg, that traffic is horrible!” and “I thought I was going to explode!”the chain stations really need porta potties!


We finally made it to Keystone and headed up for our first run. Only four runs were open and two of them were designated to a terrain park that I have neither the skill or patience for…it was a complete cluster of people! Granted the other two runs really were combined to make one long run and that was also a complete cluster.

That is the Dillon Reservoir off in the distance!

Even with the clusters of people we had fun…I mean, we were at the opening day of an actual mountain resort and it cost us nothing more than the gas we wasted sitting in traffic! We managed three runs – one for each full on in traffic – then called it a day.


This was our first time hitting up Keystone in daylight. We’ve been there before but only after dark for night boarding. It is a completely difference experience when you can actually gaze off into the distance! You can see so much!


And absolutely no day is complete until I have made a fool of myself a few times, so let’s start a list so we can all giggle at my foolish stupidity…

  • Sprint across a slushy gas station parking lot, then across the gas station and skitter into the bathroom for finally empty an exploding bladder…and then had a detailed conversation with a stranger about peeing on the side of the road!
  • Giggle hysterically as random strangers stuck in traffic team up to make sure the idiot who cannot read signs or choose to blatantly drive along the shoulder…um, no!

First Sign: “Tired Legs”…   Second Sign: “Ride The Gondola Down!”
Marathons need signs like this…

  • Leave my gloves on the roof of my car – only to remember them after walking the three miles to the gondola…back I went. Chris called it my speed work. Ever try doing speed work in snowboarding boots?!
  • Accidently let my board slide down my arm, smashing the binding into my forearm. There is no bruise but I obviously hurt some deep muscle tissue…it hurts to type. Seriously, my first day out and I manage to maim myself before I even strapped the board to my feet!


  • Set my gloves on the roof of the car while taking off my boots…and leave them there, again. I don’t notice until they flew off the back of my car when I was getting on the road. Oh yes, I stopped the car and then ran up the road to grab my gloves. I wasn’t the only one search for roof gloves…I helped out another space cadet!
  • Get home, settle in and then go on a search for my Garmin. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I remembered I probably set it on the roof with my gloves…the gloves I had to pick up off the road. With high hopes I went to search the back seat. No dice. I started to freak out…then I saw the Garmin! It was resting against the spoiler on the back of Chris’s car! Yes – I left my Garmin on the roof of the car and it miraculously survived the 75 mile drive down the mountain! Crazy lucky!


Considering the events of the day and the amount of luck I’ve been having I’d say that today was a pretty great day! Success all around! Lets just hope my lucky streak keeps me going through next Friday…when Breckenridge opens! Opening day all over again!


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