Ice Road Bikers

Workout Wanda: Roughly two hours of biking…on icy roads and clear single track.

Current post title – Ice Road Bikers – credit goes to The Husband, Chris, and can be explained perfectly by the below photo whose credit also goes to Chris…


Alternate Title #1: Safety PSA: Don’t Mash Your Front Brakes
Alternate Title #2: Evil Husband Who Laughs Hysterically at Wife’s Mishaps

After spending a two of our “weekends” snowboarding we decided to try out biking today. We haven’t been up to Buffalo Creek since my mom was visiting last month. With all the snow in the mountains we weren’t sure how good the trails would be.


The weather was freaking amazing – sunny and 61* in Denver – so we had no excuse to stay indoors. On our drive up we realized that it was crazy windy. Apparently crazy windy translates in to relatively chilly, especially in the shade! Before long I wasn’t really liking the shade…

Shade + Snow + Cars = Icy Roads


At first the road that leads up to the trails was great – clear and dry – but about two miles into our ride we came upon the ice. Not fun. Chris was all hardcore about it and rode right onto it. I, on the other hand, had no issues with walking my bike!


Eventually the ice got the best of even Chris and he did some walking. Ever watch someone in cycling shoes attempt to walk up a small hill on glare ice? Freaking hilarious! I was laughing so hard I almost biffed it myself!


After about a mile of icy biking we finally made our way to the single track break off we were headed to. Luckily the single track was beautifully clear, albeit quite uphill.

I implemented some active recovery…whenever I felt like my quads were going to detach themselves I flopped off the bike and pushed it uphill until I could feel my legs and breath again! That counts as active recovery, right?


With the colder weather I thought I was prepared – I was layered up with capri leggings, leggings, tank, long sleeve top, jacket, headband, gloves, etc. but I was still cold! On the downhill coast that took us back to the car I thought for sure my fingers and toes were going to fall off! The heater was definitely turned up on the drive home and I was fantasizing about hot chocolate and popcorn!

I blame these fantasies for my near death topple that may have involved mashing on my front brakes…something I’m known to do. My back brakes suck and I panicked. Fortunately my topple only involved a very ungraceful dismount followed by a rolling stumble to the ground. Unfortunately Chris was right behind me and laughed hysterically. Gee, thanks.


I told him to stop following me, it made me all nervous knowing he would laugh when I did something stupid. He said it didn’t matter if he laughed, at least he would be there if I actually hurt myself in one of my idiot biffs. What a wonderful husband…so far he has always made sure I’m not dead before laughing, I suppose that gets him brownie points.

We learned that winter mountain biking will definitely be do-able, but we should probably stick to lower altitudes…and pack more layers. Or maybe just bring along a thermos of hot chocolate. Yum.


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  1. That is hard-core! So glad you visited my blog, enabling me to find yours. And you are local, too!! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures. I can live vicariously through you….my husband and I used to do stuff like that all the time. Kids have delayed things, but we’ll be back out there.
    Terzah recently posted..Got ‘Er DoneMy Profile

    • We just moved out here so we are doing a lot of exploring and learning by trial and error, so I’m sure you’ll get a few laughs from our adventures! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

    • We have to do “hardcore” stuff on our weekends…to make up for the fact it is 6:30 on a Sunday and I’m about to go to bed. Old married couple during the week, super hardcore nerds on the weekend! 😉

    • I’ll admit that biking on ice is scary – like twice as bad as driving on it with a car. I did a lot more walking than biking. Falling on a dirt path is one thing. Falling on ice just sounds painful!

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