Crown me…

Workout Wanda: Nothing…my second day of skipping out on the Run December Challenge.

About once a week {or every two weeks…} I happen to have a really productive day. Today was one of those days. It started and ended with laundry, involved some dish washing, dinner cooking and kitty litter cleaning. Super exciting.

We also ventured out of the house to frolic around in the snow while running errands. Everything was coated in about 6 inches of snow, it was beautiful. More importantly, I had an excuse to wear boots again…I love boots!


Guess who didn’t have to work today…! Yup, me and my plastic Saturn, which is probably a good thing because I’m quite certain my car would have seriously struggled in the snow. I can. not. wait. until its my turn to buy a fancy AWD car!

Our first stop was the DMV. If you ever want to avoid a wait at the DMV plan a trip the week before Christmas, preferably on a snow day. I had all sorts of stuff jammed in my purse to entertain myself during the wait but we arrived to an empty parking lot…score! We literally walked right up to the counter and after 40 minutes of paperwork we walked away with fancy new license plates!

We are officially residences of Colorado with new driver’s license and license plates. Oh, and an annual pass to Rocky Mountain National Park…we belong here! And oddly enough it actually feels a bit like home! Its funny how quickly your schedule can become the standard routine of life!

It keep the whole “we are responsible adults” theme going with our lives we have been spending plenty of quality time at the dentist’s office. Yesterday I learned exactly why I should visit the dentist more than every three years…I have a temporary crown hanging out on one of my molars. Fun. I even get to ring in the new year with another visit to the dentist for a permanent crown. Double fun.


Luckily my crown doesn’t hurt as badly as Chris’s soon-to-be root canal does but it is still really annoying. My jaw hurts from being open so long at the dentist yesterday and my tongue hurts from feeling up my weirdy tooth.

It was recommended that we get electric toothbrushes…and visit the dentist every six months. After a few weeks of staring at the six million electric toothbrush options online we randomly ended up in the toothbrush aisle at Walgreens and they had the Oral B brand at 40% off. Um, yes please…Amazon couldn’t even beat that.

At the moment I am way to excited to get ready for bed, mostly so I can put this fancy new toothbrush to use. I considered photographing the first date between my teeth and their new mechanical toy but that takes too much effort…and might be a little creepy.

I wonder how long it will take for the novelty of new techy stuff to wear off and the pain of dental work to fade…hmmm!

…”Good Night” from Captain Cuddles…


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    • I think there might be a learning curve with the electric toothbrushes…I keep hitting my teeth with the hard plastic part and vibrating my eyeballs. Hopefully with time I’ll get smarter…hopefully!

  1. I’ve been using a Sonicare toothbrush for about 10 years now and love it! I used to get so many cavities and haven’t had too many since I made the switch. Hope it helps you!

    Enjoy the snow out there! We haven’t had any significant amounts in Southeastern Wisconsin, so we’ll have a green Christmas.
    Lisa @ Fit in the Midwest recently posted..Deep dish pizza and a movieMy Profile

    • I really hope regular dentist visits combined with a fancy new toothbrush will help, my mouth would greatly appreciate it – as would my wallet!

      Enjoy your green Christmas! It seems weird to me that we’ve had snow off and on since early October out here!

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