Look at me, I’m a Jolly Rancher!

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Not a thing…until about 9pm when my legs just needed to move! We were watching a show so I choose to bounce and kick like a crazy person during the commercials…not a run but it helped calm my legs down!
Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A lonely mile on the TM. After last night’s restless legs you’d think I’d have headed outside for me. Nope, I made cookies instead! Priorities…

On Thursday night we tentatively made plans to head up to Keystone on Friday morning. For the first time since we’ve been out here they actually had more than an inch of fresh snow…we had to go check it out, right?!

Well, come Friday morning we opted to skip boarding. I have no idea what our exact reasoning was but we stayed home. When making this decision Chris said “if we stay home we’ll just go shopping and spend money…”. I told him he was wrong because all we needed to buy was groceries, and that was money that needed to be spent.

I was wrong.

En route to the grocery store Chris decided we should make a quick stop at a few boarding shops to look at hats and goggles. We spent far too much time trying on goggles and feeling up over priced hats but never found anything we could justify spending money on…

Goggles: Electric EG2, Oakley Shawn White {according to box, labeled differently online…?}, Dragon TJ Schiller

That was until we wandered back to the sales racks at Colorado Ski and Golf. We have been perusing sales racks for snowboarding gear since the day we arrived in Colorado and have never found anything worth loving, until yesterday…

Chris randomly grabbed a jacket off the rack and showed it to me. At first I thought he was kidding, it was a very…unique…jacket. Then I tried it on. I never should have tried it on because it is now hanging out in my living room waiting for it to get cold enough to justify wearing it!

Jacket: Oakley Kulture from the Gretchen Bleiler Series

Initially we walked away without the jacket saying we would look for it online when we got home. Well, it isn’t available anywhere online, at least not in this color. Chris sent me back to the store to buy the jacket. Yes, he literally told me to do it, I wasn’t begging or anything.

On my way to the board store I stopped by Walmart to pick up a new set of sheets. My patience level is always tried when I enter a Walmart during their peak shopping hours. Considering it was two days before Christmas I decided that I could only buy the new jacket if I managed to get in and out of Walmart without punching anyone in the throat. The jacket was well earned…and the children running aisles are just lucky they didn’t close enough for me to trip them. Bah Humbug!

As I scampered back to the sales racks silently praying the jacket was still there and plotting against the person who may have snatched it away from me I happened upon the most amazing pants ever…pants that just happened to match the odd buttons on the jacket perfectly…

Left: Oakley’s Kulture jacket from the Gretchen Bleiler Series
Right: Oakley’s Landic pants from the Eiki Helgason Collections

Freaking perfect match. Since Chris had bailed on me and stayed home to keep the couch and cat company I was forced to purchase the pants so he could see them with the jacket and then provide constructive feedback. Honestly, the additional purchase was a necessity!

Ultimately the neon green pants will be returned. I am sad, but as much as I love the pants it only makes sense. I can pull of all sorts of neon colors when it comes to running or biking gear but with snowboarding…well, that’s different territory. When I’m boarding I don’t really radiate the personality required for neon pants – I’m not stoned, I can’t do crazy tricks in the terrain park and I’m not completely stuck up…no neon pants for me.

Umm…they match my new Saucony’s, can I keep them. Please?!

Besides…Chris said I should stick with my dark maroon pants that don’t scream “Hey, look at me, I’m a Jolly Rancher!”. I suppose he is right. I tried to argue against putting boring ol’ maroon with the cutest ugly jacket ever but all the Oakley photos of the jacket are shown with maroon boarding pants…argument lost.

So, yesterday we skipped boarding and ended up buying a boarding jacket for yours truly. Not only was I wrong about not spending money…Chris was completely right. As his reward for being such a genius today we headed out to buy him a new hat and look at goggles, again. Somehow we managed to come home with another new boarding jacket…

Jacket: Bonfire Volt

…this time for Chris. To justify this purchase we focused on the fact his old jacket’s zipper is dysfunctional and the pockets are stupidly placed. Besides, we couldn’t have him looking like a ragamuffin in his two year old jacket when boarding along side the awesomeness that I become when decked out in the cutest ugly jacket ever! We also found some new hats, but no goggles. I think Chris loves goggle shopping just as much as I love running shoe shopping!

Now that I’ve talked your ear – and eyes – off about not snowboarding and all of the gear that goes with it let me throw out a few random comments…

we WILL be going snowboarding next week if for no reason other than to put our new jackets to use…or at least show them off to strangers who couldn’t care less.
– yes, we almost always have this much crap laying around on our floor – its actually gotten worse since the photos were taken since all of our snowboarding gear is strewn around…I seriously miss having a garage and basement to store our boards/bikes/gear!
– once we find new goggles that are suitable for one or both of us we will cease spending money on gear related to our hobbies…well, except for race fees and maybe a bike trainer!
I do solemnly swear to return to regularly posting about running…eventually…but I will definitely be back with news on my potential marathon plans before the end of the year!
– I really do mean that I am waiting for it to get cold enough to rock the new jacket – we may have gotten 6 inches of snow but when the temps creep up to the mid-40’s this Wisconsin girl doesn’t need a jacket to venture outside, a long sleeve t will do!

Merry Christmas Eve…or Happy Whatever you happen to be celebrating!


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    • Thanks…:) Chris told me that since we blew money on jackets {majorly on sale, by the way} I am no longer allowed to complain to you about how much money we are spending on our teeth, oops!

    • In high school the local walmart was our hang out…we spent so much time in their parking lot or tormenting their aisles. I suppose it is people just like the HS me that annoy me the most. Odd how that works.

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