Speedwork with Strangers

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: zilch…it was a rest day!
Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: A 1.4 mile warm up than 150m faster/recovery for 15 min.

I have been busy lately. Not busy with life per say, more so busy with a brilliant idea I came up with three months ago and put off until this month…a little idea involves Christmas presents for Chris’s family. Actually, I think it is now appropriate to call them New Years presents, and that might even be a push.

Since I came up with this gift idea I have expanded on it, most recently I’ve decided to blame the postal service on their late arrival…

“Oh. Didn’t you know they didn’t deliver mail on Monday? Yeah, that’s why your package didn’t arrive until Thursday…”

I’m not giving all the details on here just yet, they have to at least pretend to be surprised and excited when the package arrives but I will say that my evenings have involved a lot of this…


…paper cutter, lots of paper, a filthy coffee table and over exposed photos. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be excited for your mail…sometime next week. Maybe…


Now for the running in my life. I’m still trying to convince myself about the whole marathon thing, so no solid news on that just yet. However, tonight I set aside my slacker-eske gifting ways and headed down to the local running store to meet up with a group of runners for another group run!

Yup, I went back after last weeks group run cherry popping. And I’m glad I did. Wednesday’s are considered speed work days with this group of runners so I was a tad nervous but I survived and kind of impressed myself!

The run started out with a 1.4 mile run around a lake, then the speed work started. The leader/coach set up cones to make out 150 meters. For 15 minutes we sprinted out and jogged back. I was going to be all official in my runner ways and count how many laps I did. The last lap I know for certain is correct is #4, I’m fairly certain there was a #9 and after doing some math I’m almost positive there was not a #12.

Apparently my official runner ways are letting me down…or never existed in the first place. I’ve never really loved speed work before and I can promise you I wouldn’t have powered through as well as I did if it weren’t for the group of strangers.

I suppose I should stop calling them strangers and start calling them new friends. After all, I do remember 3 of the 10 names I heard tonight…technically 4 of the 10 people since there are two Nikki’s.

I think I can get used to this group running thing. Besides, I came home with pretty new Smart Wool socks again today, at the very least I have to return to feed my sock habit!

Have you ever/Do you run with a group? How was your experience?


Speedwork with Strangers — 8 Comments

    • I was completely terrified the first time {which was an accident so I had no time to even talk myself out of it} and going back took a lot of pep talking. If you ever have a chance, take it! Or if you’re interested in a drive down the Littleton let me know… :)

    • I was afraid they would all be too fast for me so last week, during my first run, I whined until the leader asked everyone to give some pace guidelines. This group had a pretty good mix, although no one was spot on with my pace. But so far it is working out…you know, with the whole two runs I’ve done with them!

      I’ve also read a lot about group runs really helping people with their paces and such. Considering I hate speedwork and am very likely to just pick a mellow pace I’m thinking I could get a lot out of these runs!

    • It was definitely more difficult to get out of the car once I arrived than it was for me to leave my house! But so far it has been totally worth it…you know, in the two times I’ve showed up!

      And the marathon is a done deal – Fargo here I come! I seriously considered Madison but the fact Fargo was on a Saturday pulled me in!

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