New Years Eve Virtual 5K {+2mi} Recap

Friday’s Workout Wanda: Rest day…and a boring one at that!
Saturday’s Workout Wanda: A total of 5.33 miles in 49:14 or 9:14 pace.

I am sitting here on the couch with a bowl of cereal for my supper. Which seems oddly appropriate considering my day started out with a bowl of penne pasta topped with dressing, cheese, ham and goldfish crackers. Not sure which makes me weirder – pasta for breakfast or the fact I topped the pasta as if it were salad greens.

But enough about food – onto running…or the weather, which directly effects running! At about 4am this morning I was woke up by howling wind and the upstairs neighbor’s patio furniture getting blown around their balcony. I immediately started worrying about the run I had scheduled for the day…that makes me a real runner, right?!


We ventured out to run some errands this morning and it was difficult to stay in my lane on the interstate! Winnie the Pooh’s blustery day was totally happening! I have no doubt that a small dog or poor Fred could have been blown away considering how easy it was for the gusts of wind to make me look like a staggering drunkard!

The winds up in the mountains were even worse – both Keystone and Breckenridge had major shut downs due to winds and lack of electricity, or so Facebook told me. This article shows some of the highest gusts recorded as of 8am this morning.

While driving about this morning we say lots of trash, branches and even 5’ wooden fences blowing around. I checked one of the local news channels website – apparently trees, roofs and an RV were also blown over. On a much more sobering note a man was killed in Longmont when a branch was blown thru his windshield. Holy scary!

Why all the weather talk?! Well, I’m trying to convince you that it was completely legitimate for me to hold off on my run until later this evening. I spent the day trying to talk myself into a treadmill run but I just couldn’t do it. I decided that I would run at least a 5K outside so I could feel all ballsy for the New Years Virtual 5K run hosted by Daily Vitamin F.

new years 5k

Since I was avoiding the blustery outdoors as long as possible my run was in the graying dusk. To avoid death by ice or coyote I stuck to the paved trails and then busy highways. I ran an out and back route to get my 5K in, which actually came out to 3.35 miles. I finished my virtual 5K in 30:12, a pace of exactly 9:00. Not bad…holding out for the wind to calm down was definitely worth it! It was breezy but nothing like the wind we had during the day!

Side note: My printer obviously hates me…it screwed up the printing on this bib too!

By this time I had managed to talk myself into finishing up the final 2 miles of my 5 mile run outside along a main road. At the risk of bailing on the last bit of my run I did stop by the apartment for water…my throat gets so dry if I don’t have gum!


The dark started to close in just as I finished up my first 5K of the run so rather than head back out onto the trails where we’ve seen coyote I stuck to one of the main roads near our apartment. I’m probably being irrational but I’m convinced that any coyote searching for food on a cold dark night would find me appetizing…and I refuse to be that “out of stater” who gets attacked by a coyote!

I finished up my last 1.98 m miles in 19:12, a pace of 9:42. Honestly, I felt a LOT faster in the last 2 miles but apparently my brain hasn’t yet figured out how to judge speed. Dumb brain, its had 3+ years of practice and still doesn’t know jack!

And why was I so focused on getting a full 5 miles in today?! Because as of about an hour ago I am officially registered for my second marathon…


This girl is headed back to the MidWest for a redemption marathon! I have a training plan written down on paper and this past week was my official week of pseudo marathon training! I say pseudo because full blown training with scary long distances doesn’t start until the second week of January, I just wanted to get some base miles under my belt.

I’ll be back with the full training plan, goals and random thoughts about taking on my second marathon! Operation Redemption Marathon has officially begun!

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! My boring self is headed to bed as I have to work in the morning but I just might be awake for the arrival of the New Year since Chris will be heading into work at about 11:30pm.

PS – Mom, I already asked you if you work on May 19th…and you already said “no”. It’s a Saturday so no excuses for not being there to watch your beloved daughter attempt to kill herself while “enjoying” the entire 26.2 miles of running. Trust me, you won’t see me virtually chopping my legs off or gouging my eyes out when I hit the wall around Mile 22, although I’ll be sure to describe it in great detail after the race.

PSS – Readers, my mom really is a nice person and supports my running in general. She just thinks I’m a raving lunatic for wanting to put myself through everything that comes with a marathon…she may have listened to a melt down or two during my first attempt at a marathon so I don’t blame her.


New Years Eve Virtual 5K {+2mi} Recap — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, you two have the craziest work schedules!

    Congrats on registering!! I look forward to hearing about the training :)

    I was SUPPOSED to go skiing yesterday but yeah…those winds made it pretty impossible. I said screw it and didnt go, but I had a friend that went up and he said it was pretty terrible!
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Silent Sunday: 2012My Profile

    • Yeah, our work schedules are jacked up. We joke that its a good thing all our friends are back in WI or they would all dis-own us for never being around!

      Probably a good thing you bailed on skiing…you probably would have blown away!

  2. Great pace! I had a quiet New Year’s too, I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home and went to bed before midnight, and I normally LOVE new year’s.

    Hope you have a good 2012!

  3. The wind was totally nuts on Saturday – but I ventured out anyway. It wasn’t too bad – you should try it sometime. 😉 And I’m excited to hear all about your marathon training! I thought about doing Fargo. My mom also thinks I’m slightly nuts and worries about me getting injured but such is the runner’s life.
    Kathy recently posted..Training Recap: 12/26 – 1/2My Profile

    • This summer I had some pretty windy runs…my least favorite part is the sand pelting your legs!

      You’re doing Eugene right? I was thinking about heading up there as I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about it but there would be no bribing my mother into that…and no mother picking my butt up at the airport and chauffeuring me around! Ha!

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