Fargo Marathon

I did it! I survived my redemption marathon and actually enjoyed the last six miles. Heck, I enjoyed the whole thing…at least that is what my diluted runner’s high! This here is my entire story…how it started, what happened with the training and how it all ended.

In case you couldn’t care less about the training process here are links to the actual race recaps…

{Fargo Marathon} …internet strangers + steamy 5K
{Fargo Marathon} …the clouds aligned


As of December 31st I am officially signed up for the Fargo Marathon. Actually, I’m signed up for the Fargo Go Far Challenge which means I will run a 5K on May 18th and run the full marathon on May 19th…might as well go all out, right?!


Fargo is going to be my redemption marathon. It won’t be my first but since my first marathon I’ve learned a lot about myself and about running so hopefully this will be a much more successful marathon.

Why a “redemption marathon”:
In early 2009 I decided that to consider myself a real runner I needed to run a full marathon. I’m not entirely certain where this thinking came from but I signed myself up for the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon in October. Training was hard…I clearly didn’t think about the joy of long distance running in the July/August heat and humidity of Wisconsin!

I ultimately survived my first marathon but it didn’t go well. Just weeks before race day I managed to get injured. Something was wrong with the top of my right foot and I couldn’t figure out what…so I decided I was just going to run.

Turns out I had the beginnings of tendonitis across the top of my foot and oddly enough running 26.2 miles on a semi injured foot only makes things worse. To say the least my race sucked and I ended up with a purple foot as proof of my stupidity injury.

The Training Plan:
My training plan is a jumbled mess of what I’ve found online and what I know works for me. I don’t have runs scheduled on specific days because that just stresses me out. Instead I scheduled specific types of runs each week with the goal of getting them all in before the end of the week. This is how I planned out my 2011 Monster Dash Half training and it worked pretty good for me.

I’ve also broken my training plan down into six 3-week segments. It sounds a tad silly but it gives me small goals. If I have a horrible week then it is only allowed to jack up a total of 3 weeks, not my entire training plan. Basically I’m trying to mind-eff myself into thinking I’m awesome… Oh, and I can update my training plan every 3 weeks if needed.

Segment 1 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 2.6.12}

{click to enlarge}

Week 1: Hydrate, YBDI!
Week 2: Running is hard…
Week 3: Snow + 115 Laps!

Segment 2 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 2.26.12}

{click to enlarge}

Week 4: Frozen Snow Blocks Suck!
Week 5: The Numbers Love Me!
Week 6: Serious Recovery Time!

Segment 3 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 3.20.12}

{click to enlarge}

Week 7: Making Hills My…
Week 8: Taking on the Distance!
Week 9: Sickly Ickly…

Segment 4 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 4.10.12}


Week 10: Zero, Zilch, Zippo
Week 11 & 12: Okay, I’ll run…

Segment 5 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 5.9.12}


Week 13: Survival…
Week 14: Moving…by the numbers
Week 15: Just Keep Moving Forward!

Segment 6 of Fargo Marathon Training
{updated 6.1.12}


Week 16: Active Tapering
Week 17: …its almost here!
Week 18: {Fargo Marathon} …the clouds aligned

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