Frosty’s Frozen 10 Mile Race {recap}

Workout Wanda: A 10 mile “training” run, finished in 1:40:01, pace of 10:00.

Warning: The entirety of this post is probably going to consist of shameless ego stroking and narcissism. If you really aren’t feeling up to that kind of reading feel free to scroll down to check out my neon rainbow inspired get up and move on to better readings. Don’t worry, I get it…besides, there are a ton of words and not so many photos!

If you are my mother or The Husband {hi mom & Chris} you have heard all of the following approximately six times today. Thanks for listening…and now for reading!

Today I ran a 10 mile race. A race I was not trained up for but was running as my 8 mile training run that was on the schedule. I didn’t even sign up for the race until 45 minutes before it started. I had absolutely no expectations – except survival – and was mentally prepared to completely suck.

For some reason Chris stayed home…?!

Instead I had a completely amazing run, enjoyed the entire race, dressed perfectly for the weather, didn’t hate running for one single second and managed to break a 3.5 year old PR…by all of 5 seconds. Psht, I’ll take it!

Yes, that is correct. Today I broke a PR that I set back in October 2008 while running a race as a training run. My last run over 5 miles was my half marathon over Halloween weekend and anything over 3 miles has only happened a handful of times since then.

I didn’t have my game face on, I didn’t talk myself up, I wasn’t even sure I could run the entire distance…but forget the mental game, my legs were on fire today! Honestly, the whole run was basically perfect.

As always I started out a bit fast but after spending 2 miles trying to slow myself down I just gave up and went with it. I told myself that all I needed to do was cover 8  miles…after that I could walk to the finish if need be.

I hit mile marker 5 feeling good…then the 6 mile mark…then 7 miles, the furthest distance my body has run in months. Less than a 5K to go. There would be no walking!

Once I made it to mile marker 8 I decided I was going to see what I had left in me. My Garmin was showing an average pace of 10:01. If I could just get that down to 9:59 I would have a PR. A freaking PR on a training run/race!

Honestly, this race wasn’t actually a race for me until the last two miles. From marker 8 to marker 9 I decided to do random pick ups. The wind had started to steadily blow in our faces and if I didn’t put forth the effort I would have slowed way down. Pick ups it was. Some pick ups were less than 100 meters, others were a telephone pole distance and then some.

I made it to mile marker 9 with a pace that bounced between 10:00 and 9:59, the wind was really messing with me. At this point I decided to forget the pick ups and just focus on picking people off. Since I spent the first few miles of the race trying to slow down I’d been passed my fair share of times…now I saw those runners up ahead and was out for revenge.

The last stretch had some muddy spots where a few ladies in front of me veered off to the grass. I love my sparkling clean neon shoes but I had a PR to chase…I was going thru that mud, and felt hardcore doing it! As I rounded the bend to the finish I looked down at my Garmin which was showing an average pace of 9:57. I knew my Garmin distance was a bit off so I didn’t get too excited…I just ran, hard!

As I neared the finish line clock I watched it click over to 1:40:00…then 1:40:06, my previous PR and then I was past it. I had just come ridiculously close to breaking a PR from 2008 on a training run! I called my mom. And texted Chris. And texted my runner friend in MN. And then convinced a random volunteer to take my picture…


I was giddy. I didn’t expect to PR, I expected to suck at life. But instead I was basically fantastic at life, and running, and apparently talking about myself over and over again!

There is no real explanation for today’s awesomeness. It could have been my speed work with the running group. Or my bright pink compression socks that make my knees look fat. Or the running skirt I swore I’d never wear. Or the weather. Or my completely lack of mental mumbo jumbo before the race. Or the great snowboarding that happened yesterday. Or the nutella covered bagel I had for breakfast. Or…anything.

I’d love to be able to show you my nicely lined up Garmin stats but around mile 5 I decided my long sleeve shirt had to go and managed to hit the “lap” button on the Garmin in the mist of my not so cute strip tease, so instead I have a garbled mess nicely put into a pretty little table…


I eventually attempted to correct the laps/auto laps and in reality you still get my average mile pace, even for the shorter distances. During mile 3, 6 and 9 there were water stations and each time I walked just long enough to shove my Honey Stingers back in my SPIBelt and chug some water. Aside from the water breaks, my fast start and race-y finish my pace is pretty consistent. I’ll take it!

And my reward for being so amazing?! Cake and ice cream! When your husband goes thru the effort of washing his lunch dishes just to bring you cake home from work you eat it… As for the chocolate and caramel syrup?! Shut it, I just ran 10 miles, I’ll eat what I want!


If you’ve made it this far through the race recap…thank you, you are amazing! I really do apologize for being so darn me-me and zomg, I’m amazing but I’m just too excited about this to do anything but talk about myself!

I’m actually pretty pumped for marathon training! Right now I am diluting myself into thinking that every single run is going to be this fantastic and purposely forgetting that I’ll be tacking a full 16.2 miles onto today’s race come Fargo. Whatever, bring it on marathon training!


Frosty’s Frozen 10 Mile Race {recap} — 12 Comments

    • Thanks! :)
      I distinctly remember thinking at Mile 9 “sweet jeebus, if I had 4 more miles to go I’d just give up”. The 10 miles is just so solid – double digits, but probably won’t kill you. Probably.

  1. Yay!! Congrats. I loved reading yours!! It was a good race, and I’m glad you pr’ed!! You’re doing the Fargo marathon? I actually thought after that race, omgggg how could I run 16.2 more miles! I was dead. lol. But I love those runs where you just feel so good. They’re so inspiring!
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Rungry Race Aftermath + 5 X 800mMy Profile

    • An extra 16 would have killed me…heck, another 3.1 probably would have made me cry! And yes, I’m heading over to Fargo. I thought about it last year but decided to move to CO instead… :)

  2. Sorry I’m just reading this now but congrats! That’s awesome. And don’t apologize for being overjoyed at your success. I know how it feels – I went into the half mary relay I did in October expecting to run 11:00s at the fastest and busted out a sub-10 pace. Great runs like that give you a high for a long time. Glad your training is starting out so well!
    Kathy recently posted..Training Recap: 1/16 – 1/22My Profile

    • No problem on the late-ish read – sometimes my Google Reader gets so darn full!
      Thanks, I just love having one of those runs that makes me feel awesome…and rather natural at running! Sounds like you completely rocked your relay in October, its especially awesome when those great run days show up on race day! :)

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