Marathon Monday–Wk 1: Hydrate, YBDI

Workout Wanda: A total of 3 miles on the TM in 35ish minutes – including WU/CD.

First, why the heck is running 3 miles on a treadmill so much harder than running a 10 mile race. Especially considering the race was twice the distance of my longest run since October. Oh, and I even managed to PR on that race {still not done inflating my own ego}. Yet tonight jaunt on the treadmill was more difficult. Dumb. Or I’m just mentally weak…

Second, not only did I manage to PR on Saturday’s “training race” I also managed to get half way decent running photos! Seriously, check them out…


Okay…so I have a lot of arm swing going on, but I knew where the photographer was so I made an effort to put a little more bounce in my step – so I’d look like I was running rather than trudging along. Unfortunately you can’t see my feet so I have no clue if it worked. But hey, I look half way normal in race photos!

{side note: a Bondi Band wrapped around your wrist doubles nicely as a nose wiper, fyi!}

Third, please note what I am wearing in said running photos. A running skirt and a tank top…in January. Ah, I love Colorado! Especially considering Wisconsin is starting into its stretch of below zero weather!

Fourth, the middle of the post seems like a good place to explain a post title, no? While my race on Saturday was awesome it may have been followed up with a rather gut wrenching reminder that hydration is necessary, thus the “Hydrate, You Big Dumb Idiot {YBDI}” moto of the week!

And now…onto the actual marathon training this post is supposed to be about. I am officially done with week one and headed into week two. Right now I’m excited about the training and the racing. I had an awesome week! Lets just hope it stays this way!

image{click image to enlarge…full training plan is still just scribbled in an old HS notebook!}

Monday: 3.4 miles outside in 31:14, pace of 9:11
Tuesday: 2.5 miles on the elliptical
Wednesday: group run – 1.4 mile warm up, 15 minutes of 200m repeats, 1.4 mile cool down
Thursday: 3 miles outside in 26:57, pace of 8:59
Friday: snow day – boarding in the powder at Breck!
Saturday: Frosty’s Frozen 10 Mile Race – 10 miles in 1:40:01, pace of 10:00 {official results}
Sunday: rest day!

I know I’m not super fast and I’m working on that – both physically and mentally. I don’t like feeling slow…or having the numbers say I’m slow {relative term, I know!}. Although I’m pretty sure my Wednesday night speed work with the running group is helping – I did just break a 3.5 year old PR running a race as a “training run”. Yup, still not done flaunting that.

One last thing…I almost bailed on today’s 3 mile treadmill run. But then I realized I had the perfect solution for the week old cookies hanging out in our kitchen! They weren’t fresh enough to be soft and amazing but they were the perfect cookie to throw in a bowl with ice cream, nuke for 30 seconds and then consume while watching Gossip Girl…before running.


But enough ego manic babbling from me, I have some very warm and cuddly flannel sheets calling my name. The snowmen feel a little out of place, but we are suppose to get “snow flurries” tomorrow when the temperatures dip into the 30’s.

Random Question: Is it considered cheating to run with two separate running groups hosted/sponsored by two different running stores?! {please say no!}


Marathon Monday–Wk 1: Hydrate, YBDI — 10 Comments

  1. I LOVE that you ate a cookie + ice cream while Gossip Girl…and then went for a run. I’d be down for the count after a cookie + ice cream…and would’ve just put on another episode…

    • I figured I couldn’t brag about an awesome running week one if I started out week two on the couch. Besides, Gossip Girl came to the treadmill with me by way if smart phone and the Netflix app! :)

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