Workout Wanda: Just 2 miles on the treadmill with hills, roughly 21 minutes.

After all the whining I did about running a treadmill last night you’d think I would have gotten my act together and ran outside today. Nope. And not because I’m a lazy bum, well, at least not entirely for that reason.

I didn’t run outside today because it was rather cold and wet…and I knew I had that dreaded treadmill to force me through a few miles. Now, let me explain today’s definition of cold and wet…

high of 40 degrees with about 0.0012 inches of precipitation around 10am

…so either I’ve become a huge weather snob or my Excuse-making Emily was working over time. Although, we have had some pretty awesome weather with lots of 50’s and sun so anything requiring layers just seems wrong. Wow, I think I’ve been spoiled.

But its all good, we’ll make our way back up into the sunny 50’s tomorrow. And I have my running group to force me through some speed work!

My initial plan was to make it through 3 miles on the treadmill, but Excuse-making Emily had other plans. First, I finished Gossip Girl…or at least what Netflix has to offer. Now what the heck am I going to do with my life?! {no worries, I found The United States of Tara and it has brain rotting potential}

Second, the stupid treadmill kept shocking me…in the ears. It started doing this last night but I kind of forgot about it until I got zapped again tonight. Once I hit about a mile if I go more than about two minutes without touching any metal on the treadmill it will shock me through my headphones! The cord bounces around and occasionally hits the metal…and then carries the static shock into my brain via my eardrums.

For the record: static shocks to the ear feel about like this…

Not even a little bit cool. For a while I remembered to keep slapping the metal to let out the static in little flickers of electricity but then I just got pissed off and gave up. Normally I’d just shove my phone in my sports bra to avoid the pain but I had Netflix to watch. Priorities people!

Have your headphones ever shocked you in the ear? My old ones would occasionally give me a little twinge but nothing like this. I guess I should stop talking smack about the treadmill so it keeps its electrical charge to itself!


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  1. That whole shocking thing sounds a little terrifying. No suggestions, it’s never happened to me, but be careful! Any treadmill run deserves a “good job” for surviving, and that sounds especially true for this one. So good job. :-) Hope you got your commenting snafu figured out too!
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    • I probably should avoid the treadmill…at this rate it just might fry my brain, for real!
      And I think I have my commenting all figured out – my comments kept linking back to the old blog URL and I couldn’t figure out why. Thanks for not hating me for using your blog! 😀

    • I’m still getting used to the wind of Colorado…and how the day can go from sunny and still to crazy windy! The wind really did pick up today and I’m also not used to how much of an effect the wind and sun have on how hot/cold it feels outside – in Wisconsin we would get clear, sunny days and still have -15!

      At least the sun it setting at like 5:10 rather than 4:30! I cannot wait until we get more daylight!

    • Haha. Our weather has been amazing! Especially now that the mountains finally have snow! Apparently weather like this in Denver is rather normal – maybe not quite so warm but definitely above freezing, which is just crazy to me. I still get surprised when I write out “January”…it feels like November!

  2. I live in Colorado and my Phillips ear buds shock me while on the treadmill. It kept happening about a week ago, so I got of the treadmill and tried another one. The shocking then stopped. I went on another treadmill today and it happened again. It hurts! I asked one of the trainers at the gym if anyone else has complained and she said she never heard of such a thing. I just bought a new set of ear buds but it sounds like this can happen with any manufacturer. I don’t like the over the ear headphones as I wear glasses and they are uncomfortable. If anyone has a solution to the shocking earbuds, let us know.

    • The earbuds that shocked me on the treadmill were SkullCandy and BeatsAudio…I haven’t tried any other brands yet – I think the dry winter air contributes. We were up in Black Hawk this week and they have everything carpeted – every. single. time. I touched something metal I’d get slammed with a shock! Not exactly related to headphones but it got me thinking about it and blaming the dry air for the frequency and intensity of the shocks!

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