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Workout Wanda: Group run with 1.4 mile warm up in ~13 minutes, 15 minutes of 200 repeats for 2 miles total, 1.6 mile cool down in ~17 minutes. Total of 5 miles!

First, I think I’ve discovered the best way to start out your morning, especially if your alarm goes off before 3:30am…over share with Twitter strangers!



Aren’t you very, very glad you didn’t actually have to work with me today?! At least I was surrounded by delicious smelling food…and washed my hands about 4,529 times! Oh, and free caffeine which made the day quite bearable!


Now on to running! Another day running with-not-really strangers…I am so glad I found this group to run with, especially since their Wednesday focus is speed work. I seriously suck at speed work and having people around to keep me going and hold me accountable really helps!

Today was similar to last week – a loop around the lake for our warm up followed by 15 minutes of 200 repeats and a cool down loop. The goal for the 200’s was to progressively get faster, starting around 5K pace. I tried, but it didn’t exactly work.

My pace for the fast 200 meters ranged from 45 second to 57 seconds with my two fastest 200’s being my first and last…because that is exactly how progression works, or something?!

I wasn’t Garmin’ed up so I don’t have the visual, just what my little head remembers from my pretty green wrist watch. I made it a full 8 laps on the 200 meter course the coach had mapped out…one more than last week, but mostly because I really wanted to hit 2 miles!

At the end of my cool down loop around the lake I added what felt/looked like 0.2 miles on so I could get up to 5 miles. Again, no Garmin so it was just guessing. Although I’ll admit that the last 0.2 miles may have been a teeny bit short, mostly because I had hot soup waiting for me back at the store!


This month the running group added soup night on the last Wednesday of every month! Speed work and hot soup?! Yes please! Tonight it was chicken noodle and a homemade concoction that tasted just like the sausage/potato soup at Olive Garden!

Basically, I ran five-ish miles at a fast-ish pace. Good enough for me. I now have just over 9 miles left to run this week – 8 of which will be done all at once. That extra mile will get tossed in somewhere, hopefully. Potentially on a treadmill hell bent on giving me electric shock therapy!

And that is all I have…boring right?! But I have a bed calling my name and tired legs to rest…and lots of cross training planned for tomorrow, by way of snowboarding. We are meeting some of my co-workers up at Keystone – hope the snow is good!


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  1. Garmins don’t work well on tracks anyway….I always use my plain old Timex sports watch for track workouts. Remembering the splits is a fun mental exercise to distract from the pain of the workout. :)

    Nice 200s!
    shelby recently posted..ThreesomeMy Profile

    • Agreed…now I just need to talk them into hot chocolate! I consider that a perfect refuel for a solid run because in my messed up book it is basically hot chocolate milk! 😉

      {I’ve actually nuked chocolate milk after a chilly long run – it really hits the spot!}
      Heidi Nicole recently posted..Quivering QuadsMy Profile

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