Quivering Quads

Thursday’s & Friday’s Workout Wanda: Lots of cross training by way of snowboarding!

Yesterday we headed up to the mountains with a few of the guys I work with…one of which was about to strap himself onto a snowboard for the first time ever! He was borrowing gear, which would explain the sweet pin stripe body suit from the 70’s and the duct tape delicately wrapped about one boot! I was even kind enough to photograph his first run…


I do have to give him a ton of credit…he just got up and went! And he did not give up! We spent almost 5 hours on the mountain and he just kept strapping that board back on! That is much more commitment that I put into my first time on a board, trust me!


A few times the not-so-newbies headed out on their own to do a little exploring on the backside of Keystone. There were some crazy fast, open runs that were a ton of fun but Chris said it right, so far Keystone has lacked the variety of Breckenridge. At least in our experience, feel free to prove me wrong! Up until this year we only visited Keystone for night boarding!


Just two weeks ago this stretch on the lift was all dirt, rocks and trees…it is now snow covered and apparently ride-able for the risk taking skiers! The weather was freaking amazing on Thursday – bluebird skies, little wind and perfect temperatures! An awesome day to learn your way around a snowboard, right?!


Today just Chris and I headed up to Breckenridge to check out the fresh snow that arrived overnight. According to their site they got 8” over night and more during the day today! Unfortunately we had to wait a solid 15-20 minutes before the bus arrived to delivery us from free parking to the gondola so by the time we got up our first snowy, windy lift I was frozen!


On Thursday the Imperial Life – which takes you just a few hundred yards from the top of Peak 8 – was open. Today the weather conditions had it shut down. Honestly, I’m okay with this! I don’t think I would have survived a lift ride with absolutely no tree protection!

Of course some crazy people had to show us all up when we got to the top of Peak 8. One of the bowls were temporarily open for hiking…and a few very dedicated powder lovers were making the trek!


See them up there?! There are 5 skiers hiking up…in the snow and wind, in knee deep powder! I know it would be a ton of fun to ride down fresh powder but the lift ride along had me convinced I would have to go thru the rest of my life without the tip of my nose, so no thanks! The wind was intense and pelting snow everywhere!

That is Chris up ahead…we were headed for the protection of trees!

After about 1.5 hours of riding my persistent whining convinced Chris to make a chalet stop. I was so darn cold! My hands and feet had gone beyond the point of being tingly…they hurt! On top of the cold I was just plain frustrated! I wanted to really enjoy the powder but instead I was being ornery!

We spent some quality time in one of the restaurants, drank a $4 Gatorade and then headed back on. When strapping up Chris said that if we headed straight down to the car I would have to drive but if we got in a few more runs he would drive…we headed to Peak 10! I was cold but I didn’t want to drive down the mountain in the snow! Besides, if we made it to Peak 10 we’d have hit up all four peaks at Breck!

Once again Chris is off ahead – apparently he mastered these runs!

Once on Peak 10 we missed the veer off for the double black diamond and some extreme snow but it didn’t really matter. With all the fresh snow even the long, tree free runs that are usually groomed were full of powder. It was fun but it was a lot of work! The only reason I even took a photo on Peak 10 was because my poor quads were just shaking and I needed a break!

I might talk a lot of smack in regards to my awesomeness but it is amazing how quickly a long, lumpy powder run can do a person in! I spent a ton of brain juice on making sure I didn’t fall on my face and even though we board almost every weekend my wimpy legs are not used to the powder! Just half way down our Peak 10 run my quads were just quivering!


Eventually the sun did come out, peeking weakly thru the snow clouds. We spent a solid 2.5 hours on the mountain and managed to hit up Summit County twice in one “weekend” with a total of 8ish hours of boarding. Cross training complete!

Once we got off the mountain the snow was gone and I ended up driving home. If there is no snow to back up your “I don’t like driving on bad roads” excuse then you are just plain screwed! The roads were perfectly clear the whole way home, so we survived with yours truly as the pilot!


As we drove out of the mountains we had some great views of the snow clouds that were dumping on Denver when we left earlier in the day. Most of the snow was gone but the clouds were, well, simply amazing. I seriously love Colorado clouds!

We drove around one bend and were met with a full horizon of fluffy cumulonimbus clouds rising up behind dirty brown foothills! Completely awesome. Of course we didn’t have cameras ready, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I’ll never get sick of Colorado’s clouds! Never!

Now I’m off to bed – I have exhausted legs to rest before tomorrow’s long run. I’m just a tiny bit nervous about this run! I’ll be running on tired legs and I’ll be running alone, which gets boring and I tend to talk myself down. Right now I’m trying to map out a run on new trails with random hills…hopefully I survive that! Besides, if the run ends up sucking I’ll blame the hills!


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  1. I’ve always been more of a Keystone fan than Breck–but I think a lot of it is bc I kinda feel like Breck sold out and became more of a “resort” than a local place. Blah. I think I’ve been skiing here for too long!

    So jealous you got up today! I wanted to so badly but just couldn’t fit it in :( If you get the chance to do the hike-to terrain, DO IT! It is awesome (just be careful cause of the av danger!!)
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Attune Foods Cereal ReviewMy Profile

    • I’ll agree that Breck is definitely starting to feel a lot more like Vail – especially with the stupid parking dealio, their shuttle schedule was all jacked up this time around. We’ve hiked up Breckenridge a few times but haven’t at Keystone yet – not much has been open yet this year, we’ll have to give it a shot!

      We’ve decided that we need to try out a few new places so over the next three months we are hitting up a new place no included in our season pass once a month. Probably Crested Butte, Steamboat and Winter Park or Copper. Our bank account won’t like it but we have to try out some new stuff before we commit to season passes again! Have you been to Crested Butte or Steamboat?! What is your take on them? {I know your a WP fan! If you buy a ticket to WP does it get you into MJ too, kind of like Keystone gets you into ABasin?}

  2. What great pictures for this snow-starved girl! We’ve had maybe a half inch or so of snow total. Boooooo. I’m super impressed with you…I’ve skied once and it scared the crap out of me…and I’m not sure I could even stand on a snowboard on flat ground. :)

    Hope your long run goes well! I’m running 8 tomorrow on the trails, my longest run since December 10. Yikes.
    Kate recently posted..11 Random thingsMy Profile

    • Well…I’ve been playing around on a snowboard for about 10 years, but there was definitely a learning curve! Even know I wimp out and take the easy way down…and I still avoid the terrain park!

      Good luck with your trail run! Have fun! :)

  3. Those last couple of pictures are awesome. I agree that Colorado clouds are awesome. I’m always talking about the sky to my husband. 😉 Even though you run faster than I do, would you be interested in ever getting together for a run? I’m looking for someone to run long runs with too.
    Kathy recently posted..Extremely Loud and Incredibly Bright.My Profile

    • I absolutely love the fact we can drive into the mountains and play in the snow but here in Denver I can go out for a run in shorts! And as long as you at least visit the mountains in the summer I won’t judge you…we’ve met a surprising number of people who have never spent quality time in the mountains but have lived here for ever, those people I just might give the side eye!

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