Marathon Monday–Wk 2: Running is hard…

Workout Wanda: Currently resting, but with plans for a short run or ellipticalizing.

Well, it looks like Week 2 of marathon training is officially in the books. And really, all I have to say about that is…running is hard! Sure, my legs are tired but it really is my brain that is making running hard. Some days it really would be easier if I could just shut my brain off!

Of course the fact that two of this week’s runs went down on a treadmill is seriously contributing to my overworked brain. Netflix or not, treadmill running sucks. I think I’ve found a solution…loops around our apartment complex/block. I’ll be the weirdo the neighbors see run by six times in one night but I won’t be trying to hack me feet off by way of conveyor belt friction!

And since Excuse-making Emily has obviously reared her creative ways of thinking I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there too…sometimes being a girl just plain sucks! Any normal female wants to punch girly hormones in the face every once in a while and this week I was that girl! I’ve been exhausted, whiney, grumpy and ultimately keeping all ibuprofen manufacturers in business.

An excuse, yes. An acceptable excuse for slow miles and spats with the treadmill? I’m going with yes! Or if you want to feel cool about it you can technically call this girly reasoning more of a consideration than an excuse!

Here is a peek at how the week went. So far I’m really liking the way I have my training plan set up – its kind of confusing to read but it totally works for me! The flexibility is awesome but so far I’ve still been holding myself accountable…

{click image to enlarge…still no electronic version of the training plan… /slack}

Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill in 35:00ish with WU and CD, pace of 11:40
Tuesday: 2 miles on the treadmill in 21:00ish, pace of 10:30
Wednesday: group run – 1.4 mile warm up, 15 minutes of 200m repeats {completed 8 reps, or 2 miles}, 1.6 mile cool down, 5 miles total
Thursday/Friday: snowboarding at Keystone and Breckenridge
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 9.15 miles outside in 1:31.08, pace of 9:57

Considering this week involved a treadmill, raging hormones and a mentally draining 9 mile run I think I’m pretty happy with it. Technically I am 0.85 miles short but last week I was 0.95 mile over so it all evens out!

Anywho, I’m off to dig up some compression…hopefully after a night with my legs wrapped in uptight elastic I won’t be quite so tempted to just lay on the floor at work tomorrow!


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  1. Thats a busy schedule girl! I dont know how you run on the treadmill I dread it so much but I guess it’s way too cold to run a lot outside! Atleast you get to snowboard, I think I’d love it if I ever get the chance to see snow/mountains I’d do it!
    Krystie recently posted..Foodie Penpals!My Profile

    • We’ve actually had great weather here…I just get stuck on the treadmill because I slack off until its too dark to run outside safely. I’m completely convinced that a coyote just might eat me, which is apparently very, very unlikely – try to tell my over active imagination that!

      Definitely give snowboarding a shot – or at least spend some time hiking or snowshoeing around the mountains if you ever visit them, they are seriously amazing!

  2. Great job! Sounds like your training is going well. I hate the treadmill too- its amazing how boring it gets.

    Yes girl stuff can provide a range of excuses! I like to use it to explain to myself why the scale is mysteriously up (nothing to do with candy or anything) 😉
    Josie @ recently posted..Why I RunMy Profile

    • I am totally blaming girly stuff for the number on the scale and my “hmm, where did that bulge come from?!” moments this week…and next, and maybe the one after that… 😉 It definitely has nothing to do with the fact I recently started working at a bakery and get free food daily!

    • I think all dudes should have to experience the wrath of girly-ness just once, preferably the worst possible extremes, just so they understand and stop saying “Oh, its your time again…” as if we enjoy the experience… 😐
      **steps down from tampon soap box**

  3. Sounds like marathon training is off to a good start. I totally hear you about treadmill running being mentally tough. I skipped out on my treadmill run this morning in hopes that I will follow through with an outdoor run this afternoon.
    Brit recently posted..Second placeMy Profile

    • It is just so much easier to get outside…there is stuff to look at and weather to think about, and most importantly for me, no numbers ticking away right in front of me!

      Good luck getting outside and have fun pushing Kai around! :)
      Heidi Nicole recently posted..Why I Run…My Profile

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