Marathon Monday–Wk 3: Snow + 115 laps!

Workout Wanda: Rest day – my legs were hurting!

Today was exhausting…and I have no clue why. It wasn’t busy, it wasn’t hectic and I didn’t even run! I planned on talking Chris into heading out for a short bike/run to scope out the prairie dogs but I got off work late and still had errands to run. Instead we ate pizza from the freezer, watched The Office and called it a day. Super exciting, right?!

So, all of that being said lets talk about Week 3 in Fargo Marathon Training! I’ve survived so far! And I’m pretty excited about surviving this past week without sucking it up too much.

I started off the week with a lot of “rest days” and went into my Saturday with 14 miles left to run. Needless to say I was a little worried – especially with all of the snow that piled up over night! But in the end I did manage to get all my miles in…without seriously stressing out…thanks to a bloggy meet up that made 115 laps around a track bearable!

A full segment of marathon training…done! And not just “meh, done…” but more of a “yah, I rocked it” kind of done! I’ll take that, willingly, and hope for the same – over and over again! Here is how my third week of official training went…


Monday: 3.5 miles outside on paved trails, no watch
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: “rest day”…skipped my group speed run…
Thursday: snowboarding at Breckenridge with hiking!
Friday: snow day!
Saturday: 11 miles on indoor track in 1:58.xx, pace of 10:43 with Kathy – a total of 115 laps!
Sunday: 3 mile run outside on snowy, paved trails in 28:14, pace of 9:24

I have broken my 18 week training plan into six 3-week training segments – mostly to keep me sane. I tend to freak out and then completely give up if the actual numbers of a training plan say I suck at life. Ideally I’d be able to avoid this all together but let’s be honest – sometimes I really do suck at life!

With this odd training plan set up I am allowed to occasionally drop the ball but that bouncing ball of suck is only allowed to depress me for up to three weeks. After that my training plan does a mini reset and I’m good to go again…as a super awesome and amazing runner girl!

Sounds silly but I think it is seriously going to work me and my messed up slacker brain! Here is a quick look at my last three weeks of training…

{click to enlarge or view a PDF version here}

Do you see what I see?! Did you do the math I did?! I’m a full 0.60 miles ahead of track! Is it too soon to throw an “I’m awesome” party? Yeah…probably, but I’m still excited to see that overall I am above my scheduled miles!

Time to take on the second segment – where my weekly miles top out at 29. That might be a short easy week for some of the running crazies out there but its kind of a big deal in my book so I’m tooting my own horn. Deal!

Also…if you got extremely bored recently you may have noticed the growing list of races showing up under “2012 Racing…” on the right of the blog. Yeah, I think I need to find myself another job just to pay my race fees! Although at this point I’ve only paid for four upcoming races {*’d} and I’m still on the fence with the rest.

I don’t exactly plan on racing these races but instead intend to use them as training runs. I know for a fact I run better with others around me and having a race course with fuel and everything planned out for me just makes it easier. I need to have a chat with my running group coach about Saturday runs and I may end up dropping some of those races, but right now I’m kind of loving the idea of participating in all those races!

And there you have it…runaroundaroo being! Lots of run chatter, mostly because the rest of my life is boring. Good thing I have charts to play with…that’s pretty close to pictures, right!?


Marathon Monday–Wk 3: Snow + 115 laps! — 14 Comments

    • I’ll take a million miles, tyvm! :)
      If the miles are quality miles then 3-4 runs a week are plenty – or thats what I tell myself because sometimes I’d rather bike or board or sit on the couch!

    • If it was just me running around in circles I would have talked myself out of it – but having someone running with helped, a ton! Suddenly we were half way and it didn’t seem so bad…not what I expected!

    • I googled half marathons in Westminster…the only one I found on April 7th was the Redline 13.1. Is that the right half? Let me know – that date is saved for a half in the Westminster area!

  1. I love to see a good running chart. 115 laps is truly impressive!!! I love the things you do to avoid the treadmill!! I’m thinking about doing the that dam half race. Kevin and I were just discussing a four week training plan last night. Haha. Races seem like they are great training for a marathon!
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Unremarkable + 1 Impressive FeatMy Profile

    • Yeah…I have this thing for races, which is all good until I add up just how much I spend on race fees – then it gets depressing! We are really spontaneous with our weekend planning so I’m holding out on paying for many just yet. I just keep finding more races and have to put them on my list or I’ll completely forget about them!

  2. Race fees will be the death of me, I swear. But racing (no matter what the intention) is such a great way to connect to the community of runners. Enjoy your rest days – the longer you start to run, the more precious of a commodity they become!
    Kat recently posted..WorkshoppingMy Profile

    • The stupid tshirts always rope me in! I think I’m trying out a group run instead of the half this weekend – I refuse to look at the tshirt, it might change my mind. And seriously, I don’t need anymore race shirts!

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