Powder Day at Vail

Workout Wanda: Three hours of powder boarding at Vail!

We finally made the trip up to Vail. Our season passes only give us 10 days at Vail so we’ve been holding out until their back bowls opened…hopefully with lots of snow. We meant to go last Friday but the plethora of snow in Denver kept us home.

Let’s just say the snow did not disappoint today! The weather forecast said there was a 60% chance for morning snow with it tapering off around 11am. The forecast lied.

…headed up the Orient lift around noon..

It snowed steadily until 2pm and even when we were leaving at 3pm the sun only peaked through on occasion! On our ride up the Orient lift our random lift buddy mentioned that there was absolutely no one boarding down the main run of the China Bowl – so weird! After triple checking for “CLOSED” signs we decided to check out out! Untouched powder!


It was freaking awesome. Chris is by far better at riding in powder than I am but I still frolicked around. My day started out a little grouchy since I was freaking out about my tweaked ankle and couldn’t see a darn thing with all the snow but once we found this powder {most of} the grouch went away!

Digging my camera out sucked but I discovered that our little green camera actual fits right into my mitten with my hand! I wasn’t allowed to hug any trees or use my right hand for much of anything but all I had to do was take off my mitten and bam… I took a ton of photos because, well, that’s just what I do. To avoid a long photo filled post I’m attempting to create little slideshow to make it a bit easier – lets hope it works!

By the end of the day we both had a pair of quivering quads and were so glad to get back to the car. How the heck did we ever got 5+ hours a day when we would come out to visit?! Apparently we are getting and weak.

As for the ankle?! Feeling much better! Whipping around on a snowboard probably wasn’t the best idea since toe carving hurt more than it should have but thanks to an ACE ankle sleeve, compression socks and ice packs I think I’ll be hanging out on the elliptical tomorrow and meeting up with a running group Saturday morning! Take that you big stupid ice block!

How did the slideshow/album work for you?! Did it work at all? And if so, do you prefer it to a long  “list” of photos? Let me know…I know I post a ton of photos sometimes!


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  1. That is so true about visiting and skiing all day! Back in the day, before season passes when I would pay for a lift ticket, I’d ski all day. Now I never do!! I like to think I just ski harder :)

    so jealous you got in on the powder today! I’m writing off 2012…here’s to 2013 ski season!
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Battling the PushupMy Profile

  2. I love all the pics.. They ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! Looks like you had fun, and I’m hope you foot is back to normal very soon..

  3. Stumbled across your blog tonight – so nice to read about a fellow Coloradan! I was at Breck on Sunday and am SO sore today. Not sure if it was the moguls, my first double black diamond, or the t-bar at Peak 7 that did me in, but shoo! I maxed out at 4 hours and felt wimpy but WIPED. So fun! :)
    Pamela | Girl Gone West recently posted..Snow!My Profile

    • Hey and welcome to Denver, although I’m not sure if I can actually consider myself part of the welcoming committee since I’ve only been here about 6 months!

      And I’d blame the moguls…I avoid them like the plague, so I’d totally blame the moguls! 😉

    • Lately we’ve been having really good luck with boarding – either great weather or fresh snow, and I’ll take either!

      Thanks for the feedback on the slide show – I’m trying to figure out the best way to share photos, preferably without paying for Flickr!

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