Marathon Monday–Wk 4: Frozen Snow Blocks Suck!

I think I may have jinxed myself last week when I went on and on about how having fancy little 3-week segments would help me mentally stay on track because on my first run of Week 4 I managed to mangle myself. Seriously skill.

Of course my first run of the week down on Wednesday, because, really, running during the first two days of the week is overrated. Actually, I’m rather upset with myself for not running earlier in the week – I would probably be right on track with miles if I had. Bummer.

Instead I waited until my group run to begin my week of running and just 18 minutes into my warm up I got in a fight with a frozen chunk of snow, gave up on life and hobbled away. Not cool. But after some quality time with a few ice packs, a newly purchased ACE ankle sleeve, compression socks and stretching by way of snowboarding I was back in the game…

{click to enlarge if you’ve lost your bifocals!}

I’m a little disappointed with the 6 miles I am short but, again, I spent two extra days recovering from being a klutz. And more importantly – I finished the week off with a bang! My long run didn’t got quite as planned but I managed to rock it. Seriously rock it.

Monday: rest day after my weekend of running
Tuesday: another rest day…basically me, slacking off
Wednesday: about 2 miles outside in about 18 minutes – pace around 8:50
Thursday: 3 hours of boarding in powder at Vail
Friday: rest day/injury prevention
Saturday: 3.65 miles on paved trails in 35:14 – pace of 9:39
Sunday: 11.05 miles on paved trails in 1:51:11 – pace of 10:03

Now, you should know that I originally had big plans for a fancy elliptical workout on Friday. We were out running errands when I got a tweet from Heather about a blogger meet up in Denver for sushi and The Vow. I couldn’t think of a good excuse to avoid meeting some new Denver-ites so I agreed – totally worth hitting up I-25 at 5pm on a Friday!

Heather, Courtney, Lynne, Tiffany, Lauren, Liz, me!
{photo creds: Tiffany}

I’m not going to lie – I was nervous going it! I didn’t know any of these ladies and I was terrified that it would be crazy awkward or they would hate me. Neither happened! It was all really casual and the conversation flowed easily. I’ll guess you’ll have that with a bunch of Denver transplants {except Heather, but she’s travelled the world…} who spend their free time running, cycling, exploring and blogging! Definitely much for fun than the date had planned with the elliptical and Netflix!


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  1. It looks like you girls had such a fun time! That was an awesome 11 mile run that you did…someday my training run pace will be there…someday 😛

    • We did… and wait, you’re in the Denver area too, right?! I’m used to the non-existent small town blogosphere, its just weird to me that so many people nearby blog!

      If you’re looking for a long run buddy let me know! My pace would have definitely stayed around 10:15-10:30 if it weren’t for my fear of being eaten by a coyote! {irrational, I know, but explain that to my imagination!}

    • It was great to meet everyone and I’ll feel less weird saying “oh yea, Heather said…” because I can say I’ve at least meet you! 😉

      Ha. I know! I made sure to bring my camera but it never left my purse! Blogger fail!

  2. I’ve done that, here in Madison, go to a twitter/blogger meet up, not knowing a soul, it’s very intimidating! Glad you went, glad it was a good time! Now you have some cool CO buddies!
    As for following the plan, I personally don’t follow it down to the exact mile. It’s a plan, a piece of paper, it’s not your mom :) Adjusting the plan according to how you feel is perfectly OK!
    steena recently posted..Seroogy’s Frigid Valentine 15kMy Profile

    • “its not your mom”
      Ha! I love that! If my mom was out here in CO she would make me follow the plan…she was awesome about that with my first marathon, always coming along on the bike to keep my whiny butt moving!

      Meeting strangers is scary enough, knowing that they “know” you from random internet overshares is even more intimidating! But so far I’ll say it was worth it!

  3. Thats awesome that you got the chance to meet some bloggers in real life! I dont know if I’d have the courage to do it but I’m so glad it turned out to be a great time for you! Still cant believe you run in that kind of cold I would be hibernating!!

    • You should definitely give it a shot some time if you feel you “know” the people enough to safely assume they are not crazies! I can’t say a ton about it just yet as it’s only one meet up and there is a chance they may have thought I belong in the looney bin, but I think its worth a shot!

      Ha. The “cold” that Colorado has been having is nothing compared to what I was used to running in while living in Wisconsin – those Midwest winds are insanely bone chilling! But with the right clothes it is totally do-able…besides, you feel way hardcore once you can say you did it! 😉

    • Yeah, but half of your running last week was 13 miles…that counts for something!

      That’s what it was like when I lived in WI – there were no bloggers within about an 1.5 hours so I never had the chance, or desire, to meet up with anyone. But it’s okay, I’ll be your random internet stranger friend! 😉

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