Marathon Monday–Wk 5: The numbers love me!

Workout Wanda: An “easy” 3 mile run outside in 28:02, pace of 9:21 + stretching & rolling!

Well, it looks like Week 5 is all done…and it was a very successful week! I started out the week a little bummed about the missed miles from last week but I think it is safe to say I am over that – and then some.

I’m itching to dive into my Snowman Stampede race report so this little weekly recap is going to be short. The most important part of this week? I ran. And I liked it. And I was kind of good at it, at least in relation to my previous abilities. The numbers really are loving me this week!

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Monday: 4.2 miles of speedwork on my own – 1.4mi @ 13:13, 1.4mi @ 11:13, 1.4mi @ 13:39
Tuesday: 1.5 easy miles in roughly 15:00, pace of 10:00
Wednesday: 4.2 mile of speed work with running group – 2.2mi @ 21:15/9:40, speedwork with 50m increase, 100m speed, 50m decrease followed by 200m recovery – 2mi in 17:55
Thursday: snowboarding & hiking at Keystone
Friday: more snowboarding & hiking at Keystone
Saturday: 5 mile + 10 mile race – 5mi @ 50:00/10:00, 10mi @ 1:38:33/9:52 {official results}
Sunday: 1.5 easy miles in 12:30/8:20, plus extra stretching

There you have it – a solid week of running! I might not have followed the plan specifically but I got my  miles in. And not only did I get my miles in, I got my miles in along with plenty of time on the mountain and some hiking in boarding boots! Yup, success!

It is probably a bundle of all sorts of things but I’m thinking my running group and Wednesday speed work is seriously helping me out! I mean, I PR’ed on a 10 mile race AFTER I ran a 5 mile “warm up” race. I’m still in shock. The running group speed work definitely deserves some credit. Besides, this past week we got chocolate covered strawberries!

**please excuse the bad photo quality – these photos were taken just seconds before my month old phone went to crap! **

So yeah, my running group just might be cooler than your running group! Better yet, next week we get hot soup after our speedwork! They might force me to do speedwork but they also feed me so I guess I’m okay with that…

In other non-running news, Fred has learned a few new tactics over the past week. When I’m doing laundry he will sit on the clean clothes – this way I MUST pay attention to him while folding the clothes. He will even prance around the edge of the washer when it is filling up. That may prove to be very entertaining…for me!

why yes, the tags are still on our 6-month old couch…don’t judge!

He has also discovered that if he sits on a tall chair and meows loudly every time I get near him his chances of being petted are greatly increased. More than once I’ve walked around the corner only to find him perched on the closest chair anxiously awaiting a little attention. You’d think we deprive the silly cat…trust me, he runs this house and gets whatever he wants!


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