Snowman Stampede 5 + 10 Mile Race {recap}

Tuesday’s Workout Wanda: A 100% rest day! Much needed!
Wednesday’s Workout Wanda: All of 1.4 miles, in “hurricane force winds” – never again!

Short Recap

On Saturday morning I ran the Snowman Stampede 5 Mile AND 10 Mile race. I took the 5 miler super slow and ran the 10 miler at a “comfortable level of discomfort”. I felt great for both races and actually PR’ed the 10 mile race…2:08 faster than last month!

Long Recap

This past week my long run called for 12 miles. I had the Snowman Stampede 10 Mile race penciled in with plans to fin in a 2 mile warm up. On Thursday I came up with the brilliant idea to run both the 5 and 10 mile races – for a grand total of 15 miles. Sure, I’d be 3 miles over my required distance but by the time you get to 12 miles what’s another 3…right?!

I didn’t financially commit to the double race until the morning of but I announced my plans on Twitter. That pretty much sealed the deal! Sometimes it helps to have enabling Twitter friends…


When I showed up on Saturday morning the only goal I had was to survive two races. I was a little concerned with my leg’s ability to perform considering all of the mountain hiking we had done. I had no high expectations for the race…simply survival! I think this helped my mental game because with out much thought I was ready to go!

Five Mile Race

At 8:40am I stripped off a few layers, headed to the porta potty {yay for smaller races!} and chatted up a few people from my Wednesday running group. At 9am we were off!

To keep my pace in check I lined up a way back and didn’t let myself weave too much. For the first mile my Garmin was under my sleeve so I couldn’t sneak a peek and obsess. Instead I focused on staying loose and keeping my breathing calm and easy.

When I got the itch to speed up I reminded myself that I still had another 10 miles to go after this…10 whole miles! My fear of major suffering miles from my car helped me keep it reigned in. Here’s a peek at my Garmin stats:


In reality I could have probably stayed with the 9:50’s for the remainder of the race but I didn’t know what to expect from my legs – or my mental stability – so I’m glad I slowed it down. In the end it was worth it – my 10 mile race rocked!

The course was a variation of an out and back course – it went out on one side of the South Platte River then back down the other side. Around Mile 2 the front runners were flying down the other side of the river. It was really cool to watch and probably better than the traditional out and back! Keeping my pace in check while watching these amazing runners eat up the distance was not easy! I may never be that fast, graceful or awesome but I can pretend…right?! Okay, maybe not even pretend…

{around mile 2.5}

As soon as I crossed the finish line for the 5 miler I headed to my car. I wasn’t about to bribe Chris into hanging out for about 3 hours at a random race – our bank account wouldn’t be able to handle it – so I was on my own. At my car I swapped out my bib and put on my new chip…and ditched a few layers.

I ran the 5 mile race in capris, running skirt, tank top, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, jacket, and gloves. I left the running skirt and jacket in the race. I should have left more.

Ten Mile Race

I made my way back to the start, grabbed some snacks, hit up the bathrooms again then lined up for race number two! Again, my mental game was spot on and I have no idea why. There was no pressure – if I wanted to chop my legs off by the time I hit 12 miles I gave myself permission to walk my butt back to my car. I didn’t want to, but I told myself it would be okay.

The 10 mile race took off at 10:15am. There were some crazy fast runners since this race was the RRCA State Championships – once again I lined up further back and focused on taking it easy. I spent a little time weaving and by the time I hit the first half mile it became obvious I should have left at least one more layer behind!

Miles 1.5-2.5 were spent doing a wardrobe change while running. First I took off my gloves. Still too hot. Then I took off my tshirt. Didn’t help much. Next went the long sleeve shirt – leaving me in just a tank top. That was too cold, or more so it left me with too many layers to hang onto. The tshirt went back on, so did the gloves. The long sleeve shirt went around my waist. I considered dropping it at the 2.5 mile water station since that was also the 7.5 mile water station but I kept it on me. It wasn’t too annoying but I wished I’d left it in the car!

The rest of the 10 mile race really wasn’t all that eventful. The miles ticked by and I felt great. I kept telling myself to just run at a “comfortable” pace – to keep the pace going without wanting to die. It worked…


I’m actually pretty surprised by how even my splits were! I stopped and speed walked every water station which explains the 3 and 8 mile paces. There was another water station around mile 5-6 but my splits make it look like it wasn’t until mile 6. I’m not sure. Regardless, I’m impressed with my ability to keep 5 of the 10 miles in a 9:37-9:39 range! Technically 5 of 8 miles since the water stops don’t really “count”.

{near mile 3-4, I think…}

Not once did I feel the urge to just give up an walk. Not once! This was a race being run as a long run so there was no real “racing” per say, but I never wanted to just give up and stop running. I felt awesome. I attempted to put my music in but my phone was being dumb so I did give up on that, but otherwise there was no giving up.

I have no idea what I thought for the entire race…no clue. I didn’t have any self doubt and I never spent any time focusing on just how much longer I had to go – instead I randomly had thoughts of “holy crap, I’ve run 11 miles and feel this great?!”. My brain was rocking this run…and so were my legs, and lungs!

The hardest part of the race was in the last quarter mile…in the mud. It was muddy on the way out and muddier on the way back in. I wasn’t too concerned about getting muddy but the mud sucked me in. By this point I knew I was going to rock a PR in a race that was part of a 15 mile run and I just wanted to go faster…but the mud wasn’t having it!

{definitely stole The Husband’s fuzzy pants – they double as socks!}
{and no, I could not crop my toe out of the 2nd photo – Live Writer won’t let me crop anything!}

But really, the mud doesn’t matter! I freaking rocked my races! Two races in one day and I didn’t die! Heck, I even managed to PR the second race! Sure, I didn’t exactly race either one of them but I ran them both and I actually enjoyed myself.

A huge goal of this second “redemption” marathon was to enjoy training. I’m not yet half way through training but I’m having fun with it. I definitely have days where I have to force myself out for a run but I’m not hating running, or training, or the thought of 26 miles…at least not yet!

I went into these races with no solid expectations and thanks to some mental awesomeness I finished them both feeling great…until about 2 hours later when my entire GI system decided to hate me, but I’m sticking with the positive here!

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    • Thanks! Last month I thought the same thing! Why the heck would anyone run two races in one day?! Then this month I’m leaping off the deep end…but I really didn’t race either so I’m not quite completely crazy! 😉

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