A little extra…time!

Thursday’s Workout Wanda: Nothing…at all.
Friday’s Workout Wanda: About three hours of boarding, with a tiny bit of hiking.
Saturday’s Workout Wanda: Another rest/slack day…and I’m okay with it!

This week running has been kind of forgotten. Well, maybe ignored is a better word to use. I’ve thought about it. In my head I know I have miles written down on paper that should probably get run. But in reality I’ve been pushing it all aside.

So far I’ve run about 5 miles this week. Five whole miles. That’s not that great considering I have about 23 on the schedule and it is currently Saturday night. I think it is safe to say that 23 miles is not happening.

The weirdest part of all this – because me skipping runs is not that weird – is the fact I feel no pressure and no guilt about taking a little extra time off. That is not normal for me. Usually I’d be a stressed out mess trying to cram all my miles in. Not this week. For example, this is how I used my last few days:

Wednesday: Met up with running group but after one loop around the lake in “hurricane force winds” I gave up. A few were crazy enough to keep going but the wind was so strong it was whipping tears/spit/snot across my face and actually blew my BondiBand off. No thanks! Opted against treadmill time because I hate the treadmill…

…wind insanity + free protein smoothies…

Thursday: Our dusting of snow became about 6 inches so an early morning run wasn’t a priority. The interstate into the mountains was shut down so running was out. An afternoon run didn’t happen because we spent that time hitting up potential apartments.

…more snow! wet & slushy…

Friday: No AM running because everything was glare ice after Thursday’s snow and melting. Went snowboarding for about three hours then got back into Denver with time to check out a few apartments. Drove across down and got lost downtown going to the big fancy REI in search of snowboard packs. Continued to drive out of our way to eat at Culver’s for the first time in months. Got home around 8:30pm, went to bed.

Saturday: Again, no AM run because of all the ice – everything is melting and thin sheets of ice are crazy slick. A treadmill was an option but I wasn’t feeling the pressure. The weather was amazing and I did head out to look at one last apartment and make a deposit but that’s it. Rather than go for a run in the 50 degree weather I opted to hang around the house with Chris…and I don’t feel any guilt about it! I even guiltlessly fell asleep at 3:30pm and only got up because I was hungry!


When you read through how my days went they seem to be filled with silly excuses not to run but unlike most cases of slackeritis I didn’t have to really think about my excuses. Instead I just let life happen and didn’t stress about getting my miles in. This also meant I didn’t put a ton of focus on getting the miles in but I think I’m okay with that.

Sure, I could have easily fit all of my miles in if I really tried and if I sucked it up on the treadmill, but that wouldn’t have been fun and I just wasn’t feeling it. I know, I know, a person isn’t always going to feel like running and that is a pretty bad excuse not to run but considering I had no guilt and no stress of not running I never forced myself out.

Even weirder is the fact that I’m not a raging pile of grouch. Usually if I skip a lot of runs I get uptight and grumpy…not this time around. Probably something to do with the fact I’m not stressed out about it. At the moment I’m perfectly content with how I spent the middle of my week. I enjoyed the time I didn’t spend running and that is what counts.

I know this all sounds like one giant excuse leading into a majorly short mileage week, but I swear it isn’t. Yes, my miles are low but I don’t feel the urge to create excuses just to make it all okay because I’m okay with it, I promise! It was a “recovery week” to begin with so I don’t need a ton of miles and after two really strong weeks of running I feel pretty good about my abilities to run.

I might not be running a lot this week but I’m happy with how our time was spent. It felt good to take a little down time doing a whole lot of nothing. And considering I have some really important high mileage weeks coming up I’m just going to appreciate the down time I can afford to give myself! And now this grease bomb is off to bed…


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  1. I like it. I don’t follow my plan to the exact mileage, and there’s no reason to stress out about missing a few miles here and there. We all need a recovery week, this was yours! Get back to it next week!
    steena recently posted..Ellen wisdomMy Profile

  2. Sometimes you just need weeks like that. You rocked it out last week, so it’s good that you’re not beating yourself up over being a little light on the mileage this week. I totally would drive out of the way to go to Culver’s too! There’s one up north at like 108th and Washington, which is probably the closest one to us. And running outside has been hairy – more than once my dogs have threatened to pull me over. I wish I had their balance on ice!
    Kathy recently posted..My Current Food ObsessionsMy Profile

    • That’s the Culver’s we went up to – pretty sure its the only one in Denver, but every once in a while its worth the drive. We spent 5 years living just minutes away from Culver’s so we might have a bit of an addiction! We even considered moving up near Thornton when we first moved here because it was closer to Culver’s… 😐

  3. Sometimes you just need to take some time off. That wind seems crazy! It’s been pretty windy here over the last few weeks, but we don’t have the snow to go with it.. just disgusting heat.

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