Marathon Monday–Wk 6: Serious Recovery Time!

Sunday’s Workout Wanda: A 32 minute run, roughly 3.25 miles by my guestimation! {no watch!}
Monday’s Workout Wanda: Early morning run + lift & evening run of 3.6 miles in 31:34 / 8:47!

Well, let’s just say I’m glad that Week 7 is here! Week 6 left a bit to be desired. My miles were low…and mostly non-existent. I’ve already explained exactly how I’ve managed to be completely okay with it – and by explained I mean openly pondered as I have no clue why I’m so nonchalantly okay with such low miles…


Monday: 3 mile run outside in 28:02, pace of 9:21
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 1.4 very windy miles outside in 12:33, pace of 8:57
Thursday: rest day…
Friday: 3 hours of snowboarding at Keystone
Saturday: rest/slack day…
Sunday: 32 minutes of running, roughly 3.25 miles


Not only is the mileage of Week 6 low and mileage of the entire Segment 2 {51.25 miles} is low – at least in comparison with Segment 1 {57.6 miles}! So, basically in the past three weeks I’ve had one completely awesome week and two “meh” weeks. I mean, seriously, I didn’t even break double digits for Week 6! Oops!

But enough about a slow week…let’s focus on how awesome Week 7 started out! I got up extra early this morning for the sole purpose of wandering over to the gym to run and lift. This here is what went down:

.5 mile run – 4:57
manly push ups – 5
squat + shoulder press – 10 x 15lb
lunge + dumbbell curl – 10 x 15lb {5 per leg}
single arm row – 10 x 15lb
tri kick backs – 10 x 8lb
dead lift + front raise – 10 x 12lb
chest fly – 10 x 12lb
french press – 10 x 12lb
manly push ups – 5
.5 mile run – 4:42
repeat above circuit
.5 mile run – 4:36

That last half mile run?! Yeah, it was supposed to be a slow cool down run, then I realized that it was 4:03am and I was supposed to be in the shower. This promoted me to speed up, because the extra 30 seconds I’d be cutting off my gym time would make all the difference in the world… Clearly I’m a bright one before the sun comes up!

Its no secret that I am not a fan of lifting…it bores me and I hate counting. But its come to my attention that I am a wimp. The days after our 2.25 mile hike at Keystone my arms hurt more than my legs…from carrying my snowboard. There may be a back pack in the mail that will solve this problem but that doesn’t take away from the fact I am a wimpy wimpster.

With the help of this fancy site I just found I think I’m going to be putting a little more focus on lifting. I’m not throwing a set schedule into the mix but I’m making a conscious effort to de-wimp the arms…and maybe the legs! Or maybe neither – I can already feel the chest flies and I’m thinking I’m might be a whiney wimp tomorrow!

This afternoon the sun coaxed me outside and I made my way down to my favorite bench. I randomly fall in love with silly locations on my runs. I have this lonely bench and not far away is my favorite pond. Heck, I even have a favorite hill to crest on the drive into the mountains on I-70. Am I the only one that has favorite spots along their run?!


Like last night this run was not super fun. It wasn’t 3 miles of blissful ease but it wasn’t cursingly hard either. It was a run. A run that just happened to occur with the primary purpose of scenery! Whether I’m roaming around the trails of an open space or on a frontage road next to a major highway I have clouds to distract me!

same clouds, different location
large photo = open space … small photo = along US 285

Even more exciting than the clouds!? The fact I took these photos around 5:30pm! Dusk no longer happens at 4pm! Considering I love winter I’m not quite ready for spring but I’ll take more sunlight! Heck, before long I’ll actually be seeing a bit of sunshine on my drive to work before 5am. Bring it on sun, I’ve missed you!


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  1. I’ve finally sucked it up and started hitting up my mileage again haha. I’m LOVING the extended daylight hours. Now I can actually run outdoors after work for a short run. Bring on the summer daylight!
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