Marathon Monday–Wk 7: Making hills my…

Workout Wanda: Hit up Red Rocks for 4.14 miles of trails, hills, stairs and near death!

I almost forgot that today was Marathon Monday. Whoops. Sunday is my usual Monday and I had Sunday off so I’m just all confused. But yay for a short work week! Anyway…

This week I made hills my…friend. Or at least I tried. I’m pretty sure they still hate me. But that’s cool because I pretty much hate them too!

Overall this was a pretty great week. I did manage to stress myself out a tad bit by throwing way too many miles into my Satuday and Sunday but I got the distance covered…and I keep telling myself I learned my lesson about getting miles in early in the week. We’ll see about that. Here is a look at the past week of training…


Monday: 1.5 miles on the treadmill + 3.4 miles outside + strength training
Tuesday: YouTube leg & ab workout
Wednesday: 4.2 miles of speed work with running group – time trail
Thursday: Snowboarding in Vail’s powder
Friday: A tiny bit of boarding & rest day
Saturday: 5.05 miles at Red Rocks – stairs, lots of stairs!
Sunday: 2 mile warm up + 13.1 mile race – no PR but a solid race

Not nearly as many rest/slack days as last week so I’ll take that as a win. As if my nearly dead legs weren’t proof enough that I worked my butt of this week! My toes are also hating on me and I think it is safe to say it is only a matter of time before a toenail or two disappears!


Before I take my compressioned, rolled and iced body to bed for a glorious six hours of sleep {yea, seriously need to work on that!} I’d like to share a few tidbits that I learned on tonight’s run.

First, if you live in Colorado do not agree to go on a “first time I’ve run in months” run with someone…missing mileage base or not, they will kick your butt!


Second, if you want your legs to stay attached to your body do not run Red Rocks twice in 3 days. Seriously, if I truly was Barbie {which I’m totally not} my legs would have pulled their plastic perfection out of my unrealistically proportioned hips a long time ago!

Third, climb that hill, even if it sucks. Because once you get to the top you can say you did it and gaze out over all of the flat land to the east…flat land you willing chose to NOT run on.


Fourth, if you aren’t completely dead when you return to your car suck it up and run that extra mile you need…preferably up and down stairs. It just makes you feel all the more hardcore…and sore!


Fifth, feel free to whine and moan all you want while torturing yourself on rocky hills and stairs. And don’t hesitate to repeatedly say “I hate you! No seriously, I’m pretty sure I hate you” multiple times to the person encouraging you to push it just a bit further. You build strength and endurance for running…he builds strength and endurance for dealing with whiney girls. Win-Win!

…I ran thru this tunnel – once downhill, once up…

Sixth, take a second to realize what you just did – 4 miles of trail running in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is no easy feat, especially the day after a 15 mile race/run, but you did it. It may have require some mocking encouragement from a guy and will probably result in aching legs but it happened!

Seventh, feel free to hate on Garmin for having jacked up elevation charts! Its nice to have numbers but an accurate chart would be much for fun to look at! Right now the numbers just seem to be laughing at me and my lacking imagination.


Eighth, trust your memory of the run and fear of the two day DOMS bound to nearly kill you in order to update the elevation chart to better depict what really happened and to show the world what a 1,300 gain/loss really looks like


And now I am done and off to bed…for 5.5 hours of sleep. Oiy! Oh, and seriously, if anyone has any idea how to fix this elevation crap on my Garmin please let me know! I have a Forerunner 305 – for yesterday’s race it showed the elevation chart just fine, today its basically a flat line. It’s been doing this off and on for a while now…why?!


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  1. I love the Elevation According to my Legs chart. That is SO true.

    I’ve heard that a TON of people are having issues with their Garmins lately? I’m starting to wonder if it’s an issue on their side, only because I feel like I went from hearing about zero issues, to like every single person I know having issues (I don’t own one so I have zero experience).
    Kat recently posted..Breaking the SilenceMy Profile

    • I gripped about it on Twitter a few times and someone mentioned that it is the “details” tab that is all screwed up but the “player” tab works…so I now have a legit chart and I think its safe to say my legs had a right to be tired!

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